Private: Heavy 22


Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, Underground HK has made the difficult decision to postpone Heavy 22.
We hope you can still join us on the new date, October 17. Same time, same place!
If you cannot make the new date for whatever reason, please contact the lovely folks at for more details on arranging a refund.
Thank you for your continued support of live music in Hong Kong, and thank you for helping us keep our community safe in these difficult times!
由於新冠病毒病確診數字急升,Underground HK必須作出艱難決定,延遲Heavy 22舉辦日期。
我們希望你仍能參與延期至10月17日舉辦的Heavy 22,地點和舉辦時間相同。
如果由於任何原因,你無法參與延期舉辦的 Heavy 22,請聯絡Zicket.com的人員,以了解安排退款的相關細則。

曰.央Yeuk Yeung


來自香港的樂隊。樂隊命名於 「 映 」為本意。以音樂反映我們對周邊事物的感受。從而帶大家了解曰·央的世界觀。


is a combination of two Chinese words together which represents our music exhibit the outstanding point of view.

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After After Party

Are you finding it difficult to find nice friends? Do you regularly get drunk and do things you regret? Are you actively looking to get laid?
Frustrated by Hong Kong’s taxi drivers? Late for your period?! Yes? Well, the After-After-Party may just be the soundtrack to your life.
After-After-Party is formed by Yanyan Pang, Cory Pearce and Jaedyn Yu, these three slightly bent individuals love loud music and cheap laughs. The band has performed in a handful of music festivals and shows around Asia including Clockenflap (Hong Kong) and BeastieRock Festival (Taiwan)

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Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage are a hardcore/metal band from Hong Kong. We formed in 2019 and our band members are from Canada, Philippines, USA and UK. We play high-energy, angular, aggressive music with a bit of groove and melody thrown in. Follow us on our Facebook page to check out some videos and download our debut EP.

Paul ~ Guitar
Danny ~ Vocals
Ming ~ Bass
Miguel ~ Drums
Josh ~ Guitar

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INDenial is a Hong Kong based metal band consists of guitarists Jay Lo and Alex Liu, bassist Brian Wong and drummer Kinman Leung. The band developed a complex sound meshing old-school thrash metal and modern metal ingredients with a keen appreciation for groove and melody. The music and lyrics of INDenial are catchy and fast-paced, yet with a powerful message. The band is looking to create and share with the audience their music based upon the band members’ observations in the very often false reality.

Founded in 2012, the band quickly built a buzz around the Hong Kong’s metal community and played in notable shows, playing support to artists such as Kreator (Germany), Revocation (US), Warbringer (US), and participated in various local events. The band released a self-titled debut album in June 2017 which is distributed across Asia and is also digitally available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

INDenial 是香港的本地金屬樂團,成員包括 Jay Lo (吉他), Alex Liu (吉他)Brian Wong(低音吉他)和 Kinman Leung(鼓)。樂隊着重於節奏和旋律的編排, 透過將舊式鞭擊金屬及現代金屬元素的交錯聯繫而編寫出一種旋律獨特和多層次的聲音. INDenial的音樂和歌詞比較偏重於急速兼俱重型節奏感,而且歌曲都帶有強烈的信息,INDenial希望將現實世界中感受到的不平衡融入音樂裡跟廣大樂迷分享。

於2012成軍後,樂隊迅速在香港金屬圈崛起並擔任了多場國際知名樂隊亞洲巡演的暖場嘉賓, 包括 Kreator (德國), Revocation (美國), Warbringer (美國), 同時亦活躍于不同的香港本地演出。INDenial於2017年6月推出了首張同名專輯在亞洲地區發售,同時也發表于網上各大音樂平台包括Spotify,Apple Music和Bandcamp等。

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Hong Kong Deathcore band PROTOSS, after the reorganization of the line-up. Formed in 2006,they are ready to sweep the heavy world again. This race, which has sprung up from aliens, once again roars about the realism of society and life. From struggle, loss, sinking and other feelings accompanied by the scream of Downtempo, the metal rhythm of Beatdown violent attack, Brutal cruel nuclear 。The aggressively arranged arrangement makes the band’s creative sense stronger, and the smashing Breakdown continues to drive the emotional transformation of the audience. Low-lying, high-frequency screams, exploring the unknown morbid horror and dirty decaying system, the heavy music revolution is released through the ripples with the most authentic voice, washing away the shouts hidden in people’s depths.
香港 Deathcore死核PROTOSS 神族,這支從外星異軍突起的種族再次對現實主義的社會和生活的點滴感受而怒吼,從掙扎,迷失,沉瀝等感受伴隨著 Downtempo 的吼叫,Beatdown 暴攻的金屬核節奏,Brutal 殘酷死核的聲音來打響革命的步伐。
極具侵略性的編曲使樂隊的創作感更為強烈,並以粉碎的 Breakdown 不斷牽引著聽眾的情緒轉變。低吼,高頻位的尖叫,在探索未知的病態恐怖與骯髒腐爛的制度,沉重的音樂革命以最真實的聲音通過波紋來釋放,洗淨了潛藏於人們深處的喊聲。

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