Girls with Guitars #11


This eleventh edition features some inspirational young women with guitars, guts and glory.
話咁快Girls With Guitars 就黎到第十一屆!一眾女樂手都暖定身,凖備就緒!


DeerMx is a Mexican band established in Hong Kong composed of Adriana Falcón and Miguel Bastida. Their music is a mix of trip-rock and industrial pop. DeerMx has performed across Asia and Europe and played in festivals such as Clockenflap, Soundrenaline, V-ROX, Wake Up Fest, Sonar HK, Canadian Music Week, Music Lane, Kansai Music, Sorte Firkant & Mesa Music Fest. Deer has released one album and several EPs. This spring, the band will release “Fables of Humanity and Mother Nature” (EP) and perform in the US for the first time.

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Joya is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter in Hong Kong and an increasingly regular fixture in the indie music scene, captivating audiences with her emotive lyrics and stunning vocals. With a powerful voice that is both raw and vulnerable, Joya’s music speaks to the heart and soul, resonating with listeners of all ages. Already gaining recognition for her unique sound and honest approach to songwriting, Joya has been regularly featured on MTV Asia and RTHK. writing and performing her original “I Have Seen the Future” for the National Geographic Oceans Tomorrow project, performing with The Orchestra Academy of Hong Kong at Freespace West Kowloon and more. She is scheduled to release her highly anticipated debut EP this fall 2023. You can find her on Instagram @sheisjoya, on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or wherever else you listen to your music.

Joya 是一位新興的香港創作歌手,是獨立音樂界中越來越受矚目的人物。她以情感豐富的歌詞和令人驚艷的嗓音,迷住了聽眾的心靈,並具有令人動容的演繹力量。Joya 的音樂充滿了原始和脆弱的情感,共鳴著各個年齡層的聽眾。她以獨特的聲音和坦誠的歌曲創作方式而受到肯定,在 MTV Asia 和 RTHK 上經常被播出。她創作並演出了國家地理廣播媒體 < National Geographic > 之”未來海洋計劃” 的原創歌曲 “I Have Seen the Future”,與香港管弦樂團在西九文化區 Freespace 演出等等。她的首張 EP 《SHE IS JOYA》預計在 2023 秋季發行,引發了高度關注。你可以在Instagram @sheisjoya上找到她,也可以在Spotify、Apple Music、Tidal或你喜歡聽音樂的任何地方找到她。

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After Tales is – Dan(vol. & rhy. gt.), Kit(lead gt.), Thomas(bass) and Ken(drum).
The four met in the Summer of 2020, without knowing that the random and brief encounter would lead them into a wonderland unbeknownst to them.
They now have 6 published original songs, and are working on more.

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MaryJane & The Gang

Maryjane & The Gang’s sound is basically eclectic, predominantly folk-blues-rock music.
Maryjane & The Gang has been playing the rounds in HK for more than five years now. It’s a coming together of session musicians and the only constant is, of course, Maryjane, who writes her own songs. There’s an EP album in the works, watch out for the release in May!

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