20th Anniversary Festival Day 1 星期五


This two-day celebration will showcase live music across two stages, complemented by a gallery area hosting pop-up booths and tables. As part of the festivities, there will also be a daily lucky draw, providing festival-goers with the opportunity to win exciting prizes.呢個兩日嘅慶祝活動將會喺兩個舞台上展示現場音樂,仲會有一個畫廊區,設有流動攤位同埋枱子。作為慶祝活動嘅一部分,每日都會有幸運抽獎,畀參加者有機會贏得豐富嘅獎品。

Tickets 票務


Keisha Buckland is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter. Born into a highly musical family, she has been singing for most of her life and learned to play the guitar from her dad. Shortly after acquiring guitar skills, she delved into the world of songwriting in 2018. As a passionate and emotionally-driven teenager, Keisha pours her heart out through her captivating indie-pop songs, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, friendship, and family.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Keisha is a dedicated student at Sha Tin College, where she is currently studying the IB curriculum.

Keisha is in the process of recording her first album which she hopes to release on all streaming platforms in 2024/25!

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This band is from Tokyo, Japan.

Darthreider, born in Paris, grew up in London.
He suffered from cerebral infarction and lost his left eye vision. Now he wears his original eyepatch as his trademark.
He is a rapper, mc, the man with the words.

Ota is a very popular drummer in the Japanese music scene.
Every beat has emotion and he extract the power of the rhythm to the fullest.
His drums are wild like Keith Moon and his ideas explodes in every hit!

Katsuhara, the silent man is the real sureshot. Keeping the groove and punches mind out of the frame.Plays for Hideki Kaji, Kaseki cyder and more.

They used to perform as The Bassons, but from 2024, They focused on the rhythn and vocal, and reshaped the band as Darthreider & The Bassons. Performed in Music Lane Festival (Okinawa), toured Cambodia & Thailand and are sceduled to join the Playtime Festival (Mongokia) this year!

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Senseless 組成於2001~02年間,之後不斷的重組及成員更替,最終於2006年組成最Senseless 的組合直至現在。Senseless 的樂風就是搖滾。影響Senseless的音樂單位很多,包括The Killers、東京事變、Beyond、The Cribs、Metallica、Beethoven甚至兒歌。Senseless 的歌曲主要是抒發成員於生活的不滿,以及對社會和世界的看法。歌曲題材由Street Fighter到燒雞翼,對愛情的不滿到分手,功課及父母壓力等等,Senseless 企圖嘻笑怒罵地訴說生活不快事。生活就是 Senseless。一起吶喊吧!

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HiBye,香港二人獨立樂隊,成立於22年夏,成員有 C Chung 施春(vocal & guitar)和 Magg Chu(drums)。音樂以 emo rock & indie pop 為主,推出了三首單曲《壞了的文青》、《不透明坦白》和《正能量日日鏟屎》。

HiBye, a duo band in HK, was established in summer 2022. Their songs are in the genre of emo rock and indie pop. Members include C Chung (vocal & guitar) and Magg Chu (drums). They have three songs released: 壞了的文青, 不透明坦白 and 正能量一日鏟屎.





The Helter Skelter Blues Band started in 2000, and after a few years, consolidated their line-up to include Vincent on guitar/vocals, Hiroshi on guitar, Adrian on keys, Koya on bass, and Jimi on drums – the line-up that recorded their only album, Delusions, in 2015.

Over a decade of live performances, the band built a repertoire of blistering rock-infused blues and rock classics, as well as conjured up their own original songs.

In 2017, both Koya and Hiroshi relocated back to Tokyo where they found a much more peaceful life, but it marked the disbandment of the group. With the 20th Anniversary of The Underground set for April 2024, Helter Skelter will feature this full line-up one more time, and in the spirit of The Underground’s mission, will perform all original songs to mark the milestone anniversary of Chris B’s organization that has tirelessly inspired and promoted local underground music for 2 decades.

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Captivating fusion of raw energy, introspective lyrics, and genre-defying elements that push the boundaries of alternative rock.

Radio Resurgence emerged in late 2021, captivating audiences with their raw energy and introspective lyrics. Their unique sound blends elements of grunge, post-punk, and indie rock, pushing the boundaries of alternative rock. The band consists of singer Zack, guitarists Simon and Saurab, bassist Saju, and Keith on drums. Radio Resurgence are currently recording their first EP, set to be released in the summer of 2024.

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Candy為香港獨立唱作音樂人,現為香港女子組合「Sex on the Beat」成員,曾推出兩首單曲《22》及《Game》。

近年藉着Busking為人熟悉,於【全民造星3】30強止步,繼而與香港樂隊Anomalous Affairs合作推作單曲《W/O U》,參與作曲作詞,以及MV編劇及後期製作。




Mango Jam (芒果醬)成立於2016年,是一隊來自香港的獨立樂隊,成員包括主音Rudy,低音結他手Jared,結他手Dani及Jerry 以及鼓手Jeffrey。作品以不同的音樂元素築構而成,記載生活細節。樂隊崇尚隨性但和而不同的獨立精神,希望透過音樂在這侷促的城市尋回人慣常遺忘的隨性以及共鳴。

Mango Jam formed in an old studio at Mong Kok in the midst of 2016’s summer. The quintet are just everyday white-collars by day, who become tone nerds and boozers at the rehearsal room by night, trying to vent and resonate behind the hectic city lights.

Led by the singer Rudy, the band blends rock, grunge & funk elements and composes originals primarily in Cantonese & English. With the dedicated work by Jeffrey (drummer) and Jared (bassist), infectious grooves are the end result after countless pints and bottoms-up. The guitar duo of Dani & Jerry poised inter-locking rhythm and hard-hitting guitar riffs which completed the essence of the Mango Jam.

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Edmund 阿龜 輝虹
叫自己做 小兵

係 1997 年 6 月 30 號晚


玩左三首歌New Year’s Day/蝶變/皇后大道東

當時 Edmund 夾緊 HUH!? 做演出/音樂製作
同 Indi-bands 做 lighting design



年間亦有參與 范曉萱小姐/陳慧琳小姐/
林海峰先生 唱片製作

​2002 年後 神推鬼㧬 各散西東

2020 年
一場疫 開始…
一座城 開始…
一隊band 再開始…

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