HIP BEAN SPROUT—熱血沸騰的搖滾靈魂 (The Burning Soul of Pop)

By Jamie Tam

Rock Music in Japan!


由2012年成立,活躍於日本東京的流行搖滾樂團Hip Bean Sprout成員包括主音兼結他手森智仁、和音兼結他手長谷川慶、低音結他手宮崎拓実及鼓手江原千大四人組成。由於成員分別岀身於東京都及琦玉縣,所以樂隊一直被稱為東京與琦玉的「混血兒」。

If you have been keeping track on the Japanese rock band scene, Hip Bean Sprout should be one that would have caught your eyes! Actively touring around Tokyo, Hip Bean Sprout formed in 2012 with the current members Tomohito Mori on vocal and guitar, Kei Hasegawa on chorus and guitar, Takumi Miyazaki on bass and Yukihiro Ehara on drums. As members are either from Tokyo or Saitama, they are often dubbed a “hybrid” of Tokyo and Saitama.

一聽難忘的High Tone Voice

日本的搖滾音樂一向別樹一格,帶有強烈的本土特色,所以衍生岀我的常聽到的「日系搖滾(J-ROCK)」的音樂風格,而Hip Bean Sprout不僅帶有一貫J-ROCK節奏明快的特色、主音森智仁的聲調較一般的男性主音高,這一聽難忘的嗓音更為樂隊帶來流滿個性及獨特性的風格。

Rock music in Japan always carries strong local characteristics and that sprouted the music genre known as “J-rock” that we now often come across. Not only does Hip Bean Sprout contain the J-rock traits of briskness and lively rhythms, but also the unique high-tone voice of the vocalist Tomohito Mori makes their music so surpassing and hypnotizing.





1. Life is beautiful
2. 好きだ
4. 宇宙旅行
5. さよならの魔法


2016.3.28 on sale ¥1,000 (tax in)


繼2014年推出的「discover world」及「PERFECT GIRL」後、Hip Bean Spout剛於3月28日推出第三張迷你專輯「LiFE」,貫徹樂隊調皮開朗樂觀的風格,「LiFE」收錄的樂曲除了表達「生活是美好的」的信息外、更告訴了我們面對自己喜歡的事物要率直的說喜歡,即使人生有很多離別或痛苦的事情,因為只要相信人生是美好的,你便會找到那份美好,而他們的音樂也會常伴著你。

After launching two mini albums “discover world“ and “PERFECT GIRL” in 2014, Hip Bean Sprout just released their third mini album “LiFE” and organised a CD release show on 28th March 2016. With their mischievous and vigorous style, “LiFE” not only spreads a message that life is beautiful, they also tell us that we should truly express what we truly love in our heart. Even though life is not always easy and smooth, if we continue to believe in life, we can then discover the beauty in it, and what is more, their music would always be your companion.

假如你喜歡日本的POP ROCK,相信你絕對會愛上Hip Bean Sprout!


HIP BEAN SPROUT 3rd mini album 「LiFE」trailer:

Check out more at hipbeansprout.jimdo.com and I bet you’ll definitely fall in love with them!

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