Introduction to Survive Said the Prophet (Japan)


If you, like more and more music junkies around the world, are keeping an eye on the Japan indie scene, Survive Said The Prophets is one to keep on your radar. Based in the heart of Tokyo, SSTP’s members are Yosh Morita (Vocal), Takuya Suzuki (Guitar) and Ivan Kwong (Guitar) and Yudai Kato (Bass) and Sho Okada (Drums). Wait, Kwong? You guessed it – the guitarist Ivan Kwong, is in fact a Hongkonger! This interesting combination of cultural backgrounds, together with the variety of experiences they’ve had with music, allows Survive Said the Prophet to bring a hard-hitting yet melodious sound to their music. This rock band must also be credited for working around the clock – only having just released their 2nd EP in early May, they released yet another single right after the tour final.

Formed in 2011, they quickly released a single in the same year, followed by a self-titled EP in 2012, drawing attention in the industry. Their tour all over Japan paid off: not only has SSTP accomplished the feat of opening for various international acts, including Soulja Boy, Mayday Parade, Chunk! no Captain Chunk, William Beckett, There For Tomorrow etc., but they also gained fans across Asia after hitting main stages of “Rock In Taichung” (TW) and “Silvermine Bay Music Festival” (HK).


SSTP recently performed at the Redline Music 5th Anniversary Party on 11-12 July at KITEC Rotunda 1, along with some best bands in Hong Kong and China, Supper Moment, Chochukmo, Artistrings and Chui Ball Tong (吹波糖). Although the majority of the crowd were pop rock fans and came for music easier on the ears, SSTP, who opened the show, still managed to hyped up the crowd. The first song sent the front row audience into a frenzy, moshing and screaming along. The vocalist, Yosh Morita was a fireball of energy and never once took a break from jumping and running across the stage. The bassist, Yudai Kato’s dirty vocals added a hardcore texture and unique emotions to this heartfelt song. With excellent guitar riffs and powerful drumming, the band projected a charisma you can hardly resist. Consistent with the theme of the concert, the band then performed 3 latest tracks , and , to convey the message that everyone can be connected simply by music. These 3 songs followed a similar composition with catchy lyrics, heart-pumping rhythms and appropriate breakdowns. Although they were highly influenced by their Japanese background, their songs somehow mixed with a little bit of American Post-Hardcore style and Japanese polished twist. It is not easy to ask a thousand people to sing along with you, but SSTP did it. The catchy, memorable and energetic “Woo~ohh~” chorus of the last song echoed around the hall (and bounced around the walls of my mind for 3 days after the show). Their onstage charm lingers in the air long after the show, and offstage, they were very friendly and welcome to take selfies with fans and sign for CDs. Yosh even sang the chorus of an unperformed song < 3 a.m.> at my request! How couldn’t you love these guys!

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– Chi Wa Chan

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