Promotional Tips for Bands




Promotion on band facebook page
– Pinning the Underground Facebook event page at the top of their band page.
– Every band member must click “going” to the facebook event(s).
– Showing video clips or photos about rehearsing for this Underground event
– Please remember only 10% of people who ‘likes’ your page, will see your band’s facebook post.  Unless you pay for an advert (Sponsored promotion)
Promotion on band Instagram page
– Making a posting with lots of hashtags (#) related to the event.

Promotion on every band member’s individual Facebook and Instagram page.
– Each band member should also have the poster on their facebook page and Instagram account and make some posts about performing at the upcoming show.


Promoting in person
* Handing out flyers to people in your office/hobby group/business networking etc.
* Leaving flyers at your band’s rehearsal space, regular places you visit (coffee shops etc.)
* Using flyers to talk to attractive people.  Can meet a new girlfriend this way!
* Emailing your fans through your email list.
* Whatsapping your friends and reaching them out to them personally is the best way, as nowadays people read their Instagram or Facebook very fast and may not even catch that you are performing. It’s also more personal and friendlier.
* Ask your Guitar/bass/drums/singing/ukulele students and their parents to come to the show.


There are so many ways to promote your band’s upcoming event.  Find ways that is fun for your band and allows people can find out more about the personality of your band.   Here are some unique promotions that we noticed from our recent events:
* OPIUM used the event poster and sent messages on social media
* THE FOLK UPS used merchandise & photo to entice people
* CHRANG! made a video of their rehearsals
* Cracklebox made a tongue-in-cheek video to promote their appearance at the 15th Anniversary Party.

You feel your band is not serious and playing just for fun, so why promote?
* The Underground spends a lot of time and money to make a great show, so if your band is not ‘serious’ please let us know and we will book an alternative band to participate.
* Even if your band is playing for FUN and not money, if your band gets a good turnout, that profit you earn, can be used to make band merchandise (stickers, tshirt).  Plus no one likes to perform to an empty room!

folkups_subterra4promo.PNG Opium_SubTerra4.jpg
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