這是我們本年期待已久的一晚。經過七次預賽,脫穎而出的樂隊集合於當晚的GBOB香港區決賽。演出場地的氣氛既歡愉又緊張,參賽樂隊都決心於八分鐘演出時間內施展渾身解數。決賽的場地HYDE是個演出的絕佳場所:空間寬廣,音響出色,亦有頗大的舞台。當晚有很多觀眾捧場(對於那些GBOB的忠心支持者,真的衷心感謝!),亦有十位份量十足的評判。所有東西都已準備就諸,Chris B就上台介紹第一支參賽樂隊

This was one of the most-awaited shows that we’ve had this year. The weeks of 7 awesome heats were a great build-up to this Final of GBOB’s HK chapter, and that night the place was appropriately buzzing. You could feel the electricity in the air, especially if you hung out among the bands, who were all raring to go and give the best possible 8 minutes that they could. It was especially cool in HYDE, which was really large, for starters, and the sound was AMAZING! With a huge stage to conquer and lots of people (especially all those who had been following GBOB dedicatedly; major shout outs to them) to impress (including 10 judges!!) things were all set to get very awesome, as Chris B took the stage to announce on the first band.

9 Maps

These two young women let their music do the talking for them, with their mellow stage-presence and flowing, melodic songs. Their sound, GBOB_HK_final_025.jpgconsiderably added to by the drums (which reduce their formerly pastoral tones), was breezy and fresh, and with a good sound system, their harmonies were quite moving, despite the fact that it really was quite packed upfront. The somewhat confessional lyrics with their gentle conversational tone were quite interesting. Their sound was, in all honesty, a bit raw, but that was endearing in its own way, and they did a really good job showing us exactly why they are such up and comers in the HK scene.

(Read more about 9 Maps on the Underground website here)


這兩位女孩子讓她們悅耳、流水般的音樂來表達自己。鼓擊的加入減低了樂隊之前的田園格調,變得活潑及新鮮,好的音響更使她們的和音更為動人。她們「告白式」的歌詞配上柔悠對話般的歌聲顯得很特別。總括來說,9 Maps的音樂有點raw,但自成一格,其不俗的演出證明了她們是本地樂壇的優質新秀。

(請到此獲得更多關於9 Maps的資料)


GBOB_HK_final_042.jpgOne of the two bands that night who choose to express themselves in the visual medium as well, Paranoid was a dose of ephedrine after the slow, hazy start that we had. With their fat, solid sound they jump-started the place, and their numerous dedicated fans that filled up the front row made themselves very audible with their screaming. Their sound is quite safely nestled 80s glam, and not as adventurous as their look. However, their performance that night was pretty good, though, and entertainment-wise, they really set a good standard.

(Read more about ParanoiD on the Underground website here)

他們是當晚兩支作視覺系打扮的樂隊的其中一支。經過了9 Maps矇朧柔和的音樂後,ParanoiD渾厚結實的搖滾樂無疑刺激了現場觀眾,其中更有一些ParanoiD的粉絲站在前排尖叫支持。樂隊的樂風是平穩的八十年代glam rock,並不如他們的造形般前衛。但是樂隊的演出亦算上佳,而且就娛樂性來說,他們的表演亦為其他參賽者作了一個好的示範。



Summer Junkiez

GBOB_HK_final_097.jpgThe show moved smoothly into the laidback, mildly funky realm of the Summer Junkiez’ sonic terrain. Singer, Anthony, sounded a lot better that night than at the heat, and their sound really took a quantum leap because of it. Their song choice that night highlighted the pleasant affectations that guitarist Jamez’ style has, and the micro riffs that were scattered through the songs made them layered, and really interesting to listen to. Their sound was fresh and energising without being blatant, and I think their charm worked on the rest of the audience as well, who seemed to be just as grooved.

(Read more about ParanoiD on the Underground website here)

Summer Junkiez的音樂帶我們進入比較悠閒輕鬆的funky世界。歌手Anthony的表現比預賽時更加好,樂隊的整體水準亦因此而大躍進。他們所選的歌曲亦反映出結他手Jamez令人愉快的風格,歌中的小結他段落令其音樂具層次及更有趣。樂隊的音樂清新而富活力,亦無過份炫耀技術。他們的groovy魅力令觀眾沉醉於其中。

(請到此獲得更多關於Summer Junkiez的資料)


GBOB_HK_final_140.jpgSpeaking of bands that can entertain, not many local bands put up as much of a show as do F.B.I. With their usual uniform of FBI tees (except for bassist Jerald, whose attire of choice that night was, a suit (SHOCK! Surprise!) – a major step up from his skeleton-inspired veritable Halloween costume from their Heat) their set was really charged. As expected, we got major commitment from each member to the performance (basically involving them going apeshit on stage), which was solid and interesting. They clearly were loved by most of the audience, who almost mirrored singer Cain’s groove. Not being their biggest fan myself, it must be admited that they sounded tight, and the songs made a very good case for why they should win (and why they have been runners-up before). Their brand of Noughties rock, combined with their stage-presence certainly made for a very enjoyable 8 minutes.

(Read more about F.B.I. on the Underground website here)




GBOB_HK_final_161.jpgThe sound system was just waiting to be tested with massive metal riffs and the driving guitars of hardcore, and these guys were just what it was waiting for. With their massive sound, their set was hard-hitting, and extremely headbang-able (note that it helps that these guys had arguably the best hair that night for that purpose…yeah, even better than the visual kei bands’) and yet significantly nuanced as well. Their very melodic singing style combined with the uber-metal tunes was a potent combination, and those of the headbanging ilk, I’m sure, found their set’s power and depth irresistible.

(Read more about OneLastFall on the Underground website here)

試音的時候傳出的隆隆重金屬結他聲,喜愛hardcore的樂迷便知接下來的樂隊是他們所期待的OneLastFallOneLastFall狠勁的重型音樂絕對是「fing頭」樂迷的福音(於「fing頭」用途來說,他們的髮型亦比視覺系的更能稱得上「最佳髮型」 )。他們旋律化的唱腔配上重金屬的編曲給予hardcore樂迷一次強勁而難以抵擋的演出。



GBOB_HK_final_199.jpgFrom Noughties and metal, OperatoR moved the sound to very classic strains of rock. They played a solid set, which had some very fun moments. However, their sound is, as yet, a bit too generic to be really great in a live show. The vocals were a bit thin, but they have a firm base of guitar, that gave their sound a considerable depth. But, from where the audience was standing, their set was really quite enjoyable, as they seemed to get into the songs, with their grooving and fun feel.



The Bonkers

GBOB_HK_final_251.jpgThe Bonkers were next up, and they continued the generally rollicking rhythm of the sound that night. They also had the tendency to have all cylinders firing on drums and bass, with fast tempos. This, however, had the unintended effect of compromising on the feel of the songs – they didn’t really reach you, and weren’t really musically bold enough to go beyond a generic sound – which was exacerbated by the fact that the vocals sounded pretty weird in the mix (not helped in the least by the singer’s somewhat inadequate vocal skills). However, they really did put a lot into the show, and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves, which does count for a lot.

接下來的The Bonkers延續了當晚各隊令人愉快的音樂。但他們急促的鼓擊及低音結他卻不自覺地令人覺得他們的音樂未能觸動人心,而且不夠大膽突破創新。更可惜的是歌聲於音響mix中顯得有點奇怪(歌手略為遜色的歌功更加沒有幫助)。雖然如此,他們放了很多心力於演出上,更重要的是我們可見樂隊很享受現場演出。

(請到此獲得更多關於The Bonkers的資料)


GBOB_HK_final_273.jpgSenseless didn’t let the energy drop, with their pacy and surprisingly lively brand of punk. Their music is quite simply really fun to listen to, and it has that vivacious feel of good pop-punk. Their stage presence is infectious yet unforced – it never seemed like they were jumping around or headbanging just for the sake of it, and everything on stage happened organically. I’m also told that their lyrics were really clever and intelligent, containing plenty of interesting views on society – another important layer to for any good band. The combined effect was of a charming band that plays music that gets your toes tapping, while also making you think.

(Read more about Senseless on the Underground website here)

Senseless沒有讓熾熱的氣氛冷卻下來,他們活躍急促的崩樂給了觀眾一個驚喜。樂隊的歌曲令人感覺愉快,是很有生氣的pop-punk他們於台上的表現亦很奔放自然,感染力強,沒有矯情造作。歌詞亦很有洞察力,都是以有趣的角度來談及社會的現況 – 這是一隊好樂隊的重要元素。這些種種都令Senseless成為了一支令人聞歌起舞之餘又能反思生活的好樂隊。



GBOB_HK_final_331.jpgThe second of the visual kei bands that night, Misery play a hard, grinding variety of metal. It’s less headbang-able, but tends to have more flowing melodic portions, that are well held up by the combination of guitars and vocals. While still having a highly typical sound, the sonically oblique solos add some variety to it. Again, their performance was power-packed, and the added element of their outlandish look made them even more interesting to watch. They really were a cool way to top off a night of awesome and enjoyable music, as we moved towards the moment of truth.

(Read more about Misery on the Underground website here)



Special Guest Performer: Wu So Lui

GBOB_HK_final_359.jpgThis was followed by Wu So Lui, who was, as always, fascinating to watch in all his dressy glory, and cool to listen to, singing to the cheesiest, most awesome-sounding riffs, and his many ponytails spinning as he headbanged. And, as always, the crowd ate out of his…er, her…whatever’s hands, taken in by his immense stage-presence, infectious energy and the riff-laden music chosen for the many antics to be performed against.

(Read more about Misery on the Underground website here)

特別嘉賓:Wu So Lui 鬍鬚女

接下來的表演嘉賓Wu So Lui 鬍鬚女的奇裝異服一向都是焦點,他玩headbang時頭上多條馬尾依然跟著轉動,而且他一流的結他段落亦令人賞心悅耳。一如往時,他的投入演出、強勁感染力、及結他主導的搖滾亦絕不欺場

(請到此獲得更多關於Wu So Lui的資料)


GBOB_HK_final_388.jpgAfter the excitement of the lucky draw, the tension hung heavy in the air as Chris B got around to announcing the GBOB_HK_final_389.jpgwinners of the night. The second runners-up turned out to be Misery, who clearly had the judges fascinated with their mix of sight and sound. Runners-up were, FBI for the second year in a row (!!), and, happily, the winners turned out to be Senseless, just going to show how potent their particular brand of relevant punkiness is. An awesome night and deserving winners, it was a GBOB_HK_final_390.jpgworthy final, and only makes the prospect of the China final more tantalising (which is this Sunday, by the way…..Come check it out! Want more information? Click here for the GBOB website.)


經過刺激的抽獎後,現場氣氛隨著Chris B即將宣佈比賽結果而變得緊張起來。第三名是Misery樂隊,評判對他們的音色加以讚賞。第二名是F.B.I. ,他們已是連續兩年拿第二名了(!!)。最後,香港區勝出者是Senseless,他們成功地展示出他們獨特而有意思的崩樂。一個精彩的晚上,勝出者皆實至名歸,令人更期待周日的中國區決賽(想看更多關於GBOB的資料?請到這裡GBOB網站)

Summary (English) by Shashwati Kala

相片: Angus Leung 、Carina Ho

Photos by Angus Leung & Carina

Translated by Elvis

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