The Captain’s Love Letter to HK…


TheDamned_64web.jpgThe Damned may have left HK more than a fortnight ago, but they’ve not forgotten HK. CaptainIMG_1690.JPG Sensible has a few words for all the fans that made it down to their show in HK last month, and they’re really quite nice. Read on….

Q. It was rather a large crowd that made it down for your Hong Kong show; atypically large, by my experience, and with a happily large number of locals too. Was it a crowd that you felt you connected with?

When I first saw that we were playing a restaurant I wondered how the night would turn out but the design of the place (with raised tiers going back towards the bar) was perrfect as we could really see the whites of the audiences eyes….. and thus connect. Smaller venues are by far the best to watch a band, AND to perform at.

IMG_1515.JPGAnd, there were so many Brits in the crowd it was like playing back home. They got every joke – and added their own sense of UK humour to the evening. Even indulging in a mass Jimmy Savile yodel at one point.

One of the best shows of the 35th anniversary tour without a doubt.

However it would have been nice to have attracted more Chinese punk fans to the show…… I’m sure they’d find something they liked in what we do. It is VERY different from the more recent and IMHO formulaic US style of punk. Someone tell them how wonderful we are if you dont mind. When I turned on the TV at the hotel it was non stop korean boy band crap so maybe that’s the reason. And I spotted a Westlife (yes, those cunts….. I thought they’d fucked off years ago) poster down in the subway. They’ll probably play some huge bloomin’ stadium.IMG_1626.JPG Miming. There’s no justice, blah blah.

Q. Was this your first time in Hong Kong at all or just to play a gig? What did you think of how much ever of the city you managed to get a look at?

My 1st trip to Hong Kong FAR exceeded my expectations, ESPECIALLY when I ventured from the posh hotel they had us in over the harbour to Kowloon. What a place….. and I soon discovered that eating (and drinking) at the bustling street markets was definately the way to go. Much cheaper and MUCH more fun too.

IMG_1971.JPGVegetarians are well looked after too – thanks to the chap who tipped me off about the veggie dim sum at the Tea Museum. Delicious stuff!

The extreme mix of fairly rich and pretty poor types in Hong Kong reminded me a bit of my homeIMG_2173.JPG town of Brighton….. but the resemblence ends there I reckon. There’s truly nowhere on earth that Ive been that’s like it. Especially at lunch time when the whole place smells like the kitchen of a massiuve Chinese restaurant.

I’d love to visit again. Hint hint


Check out their photos from their show in Hong Kong in 2012

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