《THE GAME SHOP》—在音樂裏派對 《THE GAME SHOP》—Partying in Music!

by Jamie Tam

以Drum n’ Bass音樂為中心,加上Glitch Hop與House等風格的日本樂團THE GAME SHOP常於亞洲地區展開不同的巡迴演出。擅長於重音樂及電子曲風的他們,不論在日本或是亞洲的派對音樂和搖滾圈子裡也可聽聞他們的蹤跡。

THE GAME SHOP are a Japanese Drum n’Bass band actively touring in Asia. Combining Drum n’ Bass with variegated genres of glitch hop, dub step and house music, they have now left noticeable traces in the Asian or Japanese club scene and rock scene.

THE GAME SHOP於2014及2015年在台灣、香港、馬來西亞、新加坡等亞太國家進行了不同的巡迴演出、甚至於台灣的山海屯音樂節與Limp Bizkit與THE USED等知名樂隊同場演出。除了亞洲巡演,THE GAME SHOP曾在日本「a-nation」、「舞音樂祭」、「名古屋Freedom」等多不勝數的音樂節演出,更曾於自己舉辦的活動中創下多於 300人全數售罄的紀錄。

In 2014 and 2015, THE GAME SHOP toured around Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. They even shared stages with world-class bands like Limp Bizkit and THE USED at the Heart Town Festival in Taiwan. They have also performed in numerous Japanese music festivals like “a-nation” , “舞音楽祭”, “名古屋Freedom”, etc. They even made a sold-out record with more than 300 people coming over to their own event.

將派對音樂與搖滾互相交融,THE GAME SHOP希望可於這兩派的樂壇裡創下新的步伐。他們曾推出的兩張迷你專輯《Control Game》 與《FUTURE GAME》除了於全日流通外,更在iTunes和Beatport等國際媒體網路商店發售。

As the music scene keeps evolving and remains unpredictable, THE GAME SHOP are interested in establishing a new trend in both the party scene and rock scene by seamlessly weaving the two genres together. They’ve launched two mini albums “Control Gameand “FUTURE GAME” that can be purchased Japan-wide as well as from some world-wide online media stores such as iTunes and Beatport.

controlgamecd futuregamecd

THE GAME SHOP希望可以持續擴展他們的音樂眼界,樂團主唱KIMITO與鍵盤手McD現於不同的派對場合以DJ set進行展出,更擔任不同音樂人的創作監製。

Striving to broaden their musical horizons, their vocalist – KIMITO and the keyboardist -McD are presently playing their own DJ sets in clubs and even producing for other musicians.

不論以什麼形式發展,THE GAME SHOP也可為聽眾帶來不同的新鮮感及期待。即使Drum n’ Bass音樂在日本並不算流行,加上以live band型式演出的派對音樂的人更是少之有少,但他們正在努力推廣這類型的音樂,而他們的谮力確實可讓他們的音樂不只在日本,更可在世界各地興起。

Regardless of the direction THE GAME SHOP take to mould their soundscape, they continue to pump freshness into their sounds that always leave musicphiles in anticipation of their works. Even though Drum n’ Bass has yet to be with high prevalence and familiarity among the masses in Japan and there aren’t even that many Japanese bands specialized in party music, THE GAME SHOP still endeavor to reinvigorate and promote the genre; their dripping potential might very well reward them to be with not only recognition from their homeland but also the globe. 

THE GAME SHOP – LET IT DIE(PS4 GAME) -Acid Rock- (Lyric Video)


THE GAME SHOP – Everything Is OK (Official Music Video)


More on http://gameshop-8bit.com/

(Photos from THE GAME SHOP official facebook page)

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