slash!SAKURA!slash Interview 訪問

5 Sep 2014

Q1. When did you first start playing music?

B: I was 12 at that time and my mum bought me a guitar. I think it was in 1986.

Q2. Why do you have ‘slash!SAKURA!slash as your band name?

B: It’s a long story! It was something that came up to me via a tattoo that I was designing at the time. And obviously there are lots of sakura on my arm. It was based on a tattoo.


Q3. What’s your most unforgettable performance to date?

B: Yea! In Sydney, I was in a punk band and we played at the Metro Theatre. There were about 500 people at that time and we just invited people to come up during one song, and there were about 50-60 people on stage. It was awesome.

Q4. Your favourite band from Hong Kong?

B: Shotgun Politics and ChoChukMo!


Q5. Why did you stop playing live for so long?

B: Responsibility and work unfortunately. Basically, I have my first baby just over a year ago and work.

Q6. Your initial goal when you first started playing music?

B: Girls! I was 12 at that time!

Q7. What do you think has changed in terms of the music scene in Hong Kong in the past ten years?

B: That’s access to songs! All the demos are now sent via email and people can access your music a lot easier, a lot further and faster. You can easily get people to come to your show. You can now do music digitally, and people will follow you and buy your stuff. Older days are lot of harder, a lot of fun though!


Q8. Any advice for those who want to form a band?

B: Love what you do, work hard and things will come to you.

Q9. Anything you wish you would have said to yourself 10 years ago?

B: When we are in bands, we used to think that we are the best. I would say, practice more and work a lot harder.

Q10. Is there anything you want to achieve from now on?

B: My goals now is to record an album. I started playing guitar again for my son and I was thinking to do something which is very different!

slash!SAKURA!slash will be performing at Underground Reunion on 20th September 2014.

U reunion

Q. 第一次接觸音樂?

B: 十二歲的時候,我媽媽買了一部結他給我,我便從那時候開始接觸音樂。那年應該是1986年。

Q. 樂隊名稱的由來?

B: 那是一個長故事!名稱的由來都是建基於我的紋身,那些櫻花的紋身,你可以在我手上看到許多的櫻花。


Q. 一次最難忘的演出?

B: 那時候我一隊樂隊在悉尼的metro theatre表演,大約有500位觀眾,我們在表演中一時興起叫他們上台與我們一起合唱!大約50-60人上了台,那是一個很棒的經歷!

Q. 喜歡的本地樂隊?

B: Shotgun Politics觸執毛


Q. 暫停玩音樂的原因?

B: 因為責任和工作吧!我家的小孩剛在一年前出生!

Q. 初時玩音樂最的目標?

B: 女孩吧!我那時候只是12歲!

Q. 這些年來香港的音樂有什麼改變?

B: 接觸音樂的渠道吧!現在樣本唱片可以透過email傳送,然後大眾又可以更容易、快速和進一步接觸音樂。你可以輕易地邀請別人來你的演出,然後他們便會開始留意你和購買你的東西!以前會比較困難一點,然而當中亦有不少樂趣!

Q. 對年輕一輩的樂隊/想組樂隊的人說一些話

B: 做你喜歡做的事,努力,理想的事會自然走到你那邊。


Q. 對十年前的自己說一些話

B: 以前在樂隊裡,總覺得我們是最好、最棒的,現在我會說我以前應該要練習更多和更努力。

Q. 現階段想擁有的東西?

B: 我現在的目標是錄一張尊輯。因為我的兒子,我再次玩結他,我想做一些跟以前不一樣的事!

Slash!SAKURA!Slash將於九月二十日在Underground Reunion演出。

U reunion

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