Chinese Lyricist Wanted

Hi, I’m looking for someone to sit down with and help me translate the song “Magical” below (write in Chinese characters and pinyin) with more songs to follow.

1. Cantonese priority… also interested in Mandarin, but not required
2. Similar syllable count and rhyme/near rhyme are priority!
Grammar rules not too important… should flow and be cool


by Interdims

(Verse 1.1)
Oh, such a classy
Concierge, you are
You’re burning
Red hot, like a star
So professional
And natural and kind
With superpowers too
Yeah, reading my mind

(Verse 1.2)
It’s kinda like
A little telepathic
And that mixed up with
A little bit of psychic
You’ve already
Predicted, future’s true
Yeah, you’ll serve me
And I’ll serve you too

You, you, you
You always knew it
I’d find all other girls
You, you, you
How did you do it?
So kind, sexy, cool, and
Yeah, you’re just so

(Verse 2.1)
You’re faceless
Yet just so magical
Thus summoned
My spirit animal
Ooh, you feel so good
Before we even touch
Yeah, feed our souls first
They love that so much

(Verse 2.2)
We’re timeless
And exist in parallels
Beings that live through
These temporary shells
We’re a perfect blend
Of love and lust, it’s true
Yeah, you’ll serve me
And I’ll serve you too

I manifested you
For me, you did it too
The multiverse is true
Stay here, stay here with me
So, co-create, we do

(Verse 3.1)
A good girl
Of soul and flesh, you are
You see me too
Imperfect with my scars
So, if we’re real
And the words we speak are pure
My loyalty
You’ll feel it to your core

(Verse 3.2)
As for these shells
One day will be their end
Enjoy them with you, my
Magical, timeless friend
You’ve already
Known, our future’s true
Yeah, you’ll love me
And I’ll love you too

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