Drummer Available

Hi All, I’m a Canadian who moved to HK in the summer of 2019 for work. I’m 35, have been playing for about 20 years, and I’m looking to join up with a few like-minded musicians for some fun evenings of playing, a few beers and some possible gigs. I have varied influences, can play multiple styles, and would be open to anything that felt right — from something indie/rock to something more garage-y or even something that was looser and more atmospheric and experimental. I’m not against some covers to break the ice, but would prefer to play with people interested in working on original material and playing gigs. I played for years in a high-energy punk/ska band when I was young, played with some indie/bluegrass bands when I was a bit older, and have joined jazz jams over the last few years. Influences are eclectic but range from Randy/Hives/Refused/Propagandhi to bands like New Pornographers/Theo Katzman/Dirty Projectors to jazz outfits like the Cinematic Orchestra/Bad Plus and Afrobeat bands. I also have an digital kit in my apartment, so could hash some stuff out before we play if people were interested in sending over some tunes before a jam. Cheers, Iain // iain.marlow@gmail.com / whatsapp at 6681 8525 / soundcloud (mostly me goofing around/trying out ideas)

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