Established 80’s rock cover band needs drummer (must have own wig)

‘Rockstars Anonymous’ is a well-sexy bunch of middle-aged men wearing wigs and wielding mighty axes and keytars, who have been collectively playing and ploughing their way around HK for the last 5 years. The band has a regular monthly slot at Rula Live and has played the HK sevens, Rugby World Cup and closed out the Big Picnic, as well as the usual local venues. Setlist is focused on late 70’s/early 80’s rock tunes, and includes the biggest hits by Bon Jovi, Queen, Aerosmith, Journey, Europe, Toto, Eagles etc. This 6-piece band have clocked up more than 1000 shows between them.

The drummer is leaving these shores and so the band is on the lookout for another tapper. Requirements: must wear wig, be able to keep time, be comfortable to play with a click-track, be able to play “carry on my wayward son” properly, and be committed to practice regularly (weekly until the extensive setlist is up to scratch). Desirable features: sexy, hard-hitter, easy-going, has lots of friends to bring to gigs.

Check out Facebook or Hong Kong Rocks for more info on the band.

Please whatsapp Richie Renegade on +852 6626 5700 if you’re interested.

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