Flashy Lead Guitarist Needed for a New Hard Rock Band!

Do you think you can be the next Jimmy Page? The next Slash? Or maybe just the first you…?

Then Pearl River Misfits needs you!

We are a new, ambitious hard rock band made up of guys in their 20s who are passionate about their music. Our influences include bands like Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe. Even though we take inspiration from these classic rock bands, we want
to come up with a fresh sound – what we would like to call ‘new fashioned rock ‘n roll’! Right now, we are reheasing a setlist which consists mostly of cover songs from new bands in our genre, we will start performing them as soon as we can. The intention is to finally replace each one of these songs with originals.

The setlist:
Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll
Greta Van Fleet – Highway Tune
Dirty Honey – Heartbreaker
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
Greta Van Fleet – Talk On The Street
Dirty Honey – Another Last Time
Pearl River Misfits – My Heart’s Always With You (Our original)
(The setlist can be adjusted a bit according to your tastes.)

What we are looking for is a passionate guy who has similar musical tastes as us, can match our ambitions and is ideally around our age. You do not have to be ‘the best’ by any means, you should just be committed, willing to improve and, of course, love the music! In fact, beginners are welcome too if they have the right attitude and can play sufficiently well with confidence (we are a new band too, just contact us!). Oh yeah, you get bonus points if your playing is blues-inspired and you look badass on stage!

We are rehearsing once a week for now (usually every Saturday), we will soon start gigging as well. Eventually, we would like to play larger shows and work with great producers to release our albums. If you think you are what we need, don’t hesitate to contact us!

WhatsApp: 63759720

Email: desartleppard@gmail.com

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