Guitarist/Vocalist – Looking for band

Hi there, male guitarist and vocalist looking to start a band or meet some musical people to jam in Hong Kong.

I’ve been playing guitar and acoustic covers for over 10 years, mainly as a hobby and looking for like minded individuals to form a band to jam and just have fun (tired of playing over cover tracks!).

My main interests are guitar singer songwriters like John Mayer & Ed Sheeran but also 00s bands like Coldplay, Greenday. I’m also happy to work on cover songs for 00s-Modern pop like Adele, Bruno Mars, mostly American / British pop and some old classics. I’m ok with a full band or acoustics.

I can commit to practice once / twice a week. Feel free to get in touch and let me know your music interests and we can exchange contacts and set something up.

reach out to me at email

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