Looking for play/jam mates, possibly a band?

Hey there,

I’m Mads. 27 y/o male from Denmark. I’m looking to expand my musical network here / find jam mates, and potentially form a band, if we have chemistry and similar perceptions of music. We could do some covers, write songs together or play some of the songs, I’ve composed.

I’ve been working as a musician for +10 years before I came to Hong Kong.

Looking for a drummer, bass-player and/or a soulful pianist (preferably also into hammond / rhodes / clavi – that kind of thing).

I don’t care how flashy your gear is, how fast your guitar licks or rudiments on the drums are. I need musicians who can play the song, are musically grounded and have good listening skills. Drummers must be tight and know what a good pocket groove is.

Music-wise I’m much into blues, (classic) rock, soul and funk. Some of my influences are KISS, Beatles, CCR, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark Jr., Motown, James Brown, MJ, Prince, and a lot more. Overall, I have quite a wide taste though.

Instrument-wise, I played drums for around 20 years and guitar and singing for around 15 years. Play a bit of piano and bass as well.

I have a small home recording studio, and quite a bit of gear/instruments. Also have access to a rehearsal room through my clubhouse.

Here’s a clip of me singing the blues:

Send me a line on WhatsApp if you play your instrument well: +852 6874 9631 .

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