Looking for SINGER, DRUMMER and BASSIST to form a band – Classic Rock

Hi All

I want to form a cover band for live music.
More for fun, jamming and playing live in weekends rather than a professional engagement.

I am a guitarist/backing vocals. Level quite good.
Recorded a couple of EPs with Indie Rock labels and played for many years in rock bands. I’m 42, I am a husband and father of 2, busy with work and family but I would like to keep on rocking. No endless rehearsal sessions, very focused people with a lot of energy to be effective and have lots of fun.

Playing in pubs, festivals, openmics, clubs etc…

This is the setlist, of course with some additions/changes:

– [x] Hammer to fall – 4’
– [x] Superstition
– [x] Sweet child of mine – 5’
– [x] Basket case
– [x] Alright
– [x] I get around
– [x] Video killed the radio stars
– [x] Comfortably numb – 7’

– [x] Under the bridge
– [x] Wild horses
– [x] Little Wing
– [x] Wish you were here – 5’

– [x] Song #2
– [x] Roxane
– [x] Time bomb
– [x] Don’t look back in anger
– [x] Uptown funk
– [x] Highway to hell – 4’
– [x] Crazy little thing called love – 3’
– [x] You shook me all night long – 4’
– [x] We will rock you
– [x] Hey Jude

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