The Octopus (4 piece heavy metal/classic rock cover band) looking for drummer

We’re the The Octopus, a four-piece heavy metal and classic rock cover band, and we are looking to hire a full-time drummer. We currently gig at venues such as Aftermath, Rula Live and are looking to gig at the Wanch (where we used to play regularly) once it reopens later this year.

We play a variety of tunes, from heavy numbers from bands such as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, to classic tunes from bands such as CCR, Pearl Jam, The Who and ZZ Top.

The drummer should ideally be experienced, a hard-hitter, energetic, easy-going, and a team player who can commit to the band. We practice at least twice a month, usually Friday nights.

You may either email me or whatsapp me at 6302-2932.

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