Vocalist and Drummer needed for Original Shoegaze/Alt Rock project

We’ve been playing for about 5 months now and have 4 members:


We mostly need a vocalist at the moment and would like to go with a female who understands and is a fan of the shoegaze genre. We need a drummer to a lesser extent as our current drummer is due to leave hong kong in the summer so we have time. We aim to write and record an album, as well as gig around HK.

Our inspirations are mainly Deafcult, Nothing, Whirr and other modern shoegaze projects. Being familiar with these does help but we do write all our own stuff (we have about 5 songs mostly down, trying to write an album). Were all in this pretty seriously, and want to practice once a week and write at one of our flats another day a week.

All enquiries should message me on whatsapp: +852 68058025

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