LIVESTREAM #1 (12th Sept 2020年9月12日 香港)


12-09-20 @



    The Underground is delighted to announce the first of a series of livestream concerts in partnership with Innonation– the leading studio in Hong Kong for livestreaming live music entertainment. TONIGHT 12th September, we will be hosting Underground LiveStream #1 with two of the most entertaining rock bands in Hong Kong: Andy is typing… and ShumKing Mansion!
    The Underground榮幸能與Innonation攜手舉辦首個網上直播音樂會。Innonation是香港首屈一指的串流直播音樂娛樂平台。9月12號星期六,Underground LiveStream #1將會有兩隊玩味十足的香港搖滾樂隊參與演出,分別是Andy is typing… 和ShumKing Mansion。

    Event Time 表演時間:
    9:30pm Hong Kong 香港
    10:30pm Tokyo, Japan 東京·日本
    11:30pm Sydney, Australia 悉尼·澳洲
    5:30pm Dubai 杜拜
    2:30pm London, England 倫敦·英國
    9:30am New York, USA 紐約,美國



    Feel free to donate through our ZICKET page. 歡迎大家隨意於我們的ZICKET網頁上作捐款。or use PAYME

    Show your support and help keep The Underground alive! During the livestreaming events, we will be collecting donations and also doing some giveaways to show our endless gratitude for YOU- our amazing, supportive, music-loving audience.

    表達你對本地音樂的支持,以及協助維持The Underground的運作吧!在直播期間,我們將會接受捐款,亦將設有送禮環節以表示The Underground對聽眾的感激──正是你們這群熱愛本地音樂的聽眾,才能令本地音樂得以繼續生存。

    We understand that there are plenty of people who may also be in financial distress in these difficult times, but rest assured- our show is free entry to all, and we hope you will come and enjoy the music even if you are unable to donate. Your attendance means just as much to us.

    We thank you in advance for celebrating live music with us in the virtual realm until we can meet again in person.




    or use PAYME

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