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    Gear up for an electrifying extravaganza in our 20 Year Anniversary Series! The lineup is sizzling with the crème de la crème of Hong Kong’s music scene, including some much-anticipated comebacks.

    Mark these dates in bold on your calendar and stay glued to our updates (via this newsletter, Instagram, or our website):


    17th February 2024年2月17號
    19th April 2024年4月19號
    20th April 2024年4月20號
    14th May 2024年5月14號

    And that’s just the beginning! Get ready to rock with us!

    仲有,呢啲只不過係一個開始!準備好同我哋一齊搖滾啦!🤘🎶 #TheUndergroundHK #20週年系列 #現場音樂革命

    #20YearAnniversarySeries #LiveMusicRevolution

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