Music Matters Academy – a new online platform with a purpose. Music Matters Academy – 一個有目的的新線上平台


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    Created by, with and for musicians and young industry professionals the Music Matters Academy is a free-to-attend online series of fireside chats, panels and workshops dedicated to the business of music. The 3 month programme offers a foundation to learn and upskill through mentorship, training and knowledge sharing from icons and experts of the global music industry.

    The curriculum of eight content modules cover music publishing, digital content distribution, artist management, marketing, live streaming, touring, mental health and working with brands. Attendees will receive tools, guidance and one-of-a-kind insights on what it takes to succeed in one of the worlds’ s most exciting industries.
    Music Matters Academy是一個由音樂家和年輕的專業人士共同創建,可以免費參加的線上平台。內容分別有聊天、小組討論和致力於音樂業務的研討會。這個三個月的計劃是透過全球音樂行業的偶像和專家分享他們的指導、培訓和知識,從而為學習和提升技能奠定了基礎。


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    The Music Matters Academy 2021 will be livestreamed and made available on demand here The Music Matters Academy 2021將在此處進行直播:

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