Rulapalooza #7 – 29th Jan 2022 年1月29日 (星期六)


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    Rulapalooza #7 says goodbye to the year of the Ox with a showcase that brings you some of the most dynamic bands from the Hong Kong scene.

    Opening the night, The Origin’s anecdotal folk-pop tunes are inspired by uniquely human experiences, both personal to themselves and universal ones.

    Musčat then steps up to the plate with effervescent bubblegum pop, bursting with bright melodies to up the ante and bring the party.

    Upbeat grooves aplenty, The Funkaphones provide a refreshing 70s throwback to get you dancing away the blues.

    Speaking of blues, Bluesymen will usher in the midnight hour with shimmering rhythms & beats.

    Finally we wrap up the night with some good old-fashioned ska punk courtesy of formidable three-piece powerhouse, Bulletproof.

    Bring your lover, your bestie, your worst enemy even- whoever they are, strap on your dancing shoes and rock up for yet another classic evening of live music with The Underground and Rula Live!

    為了歡送牛年,Rulapalooza #7 將聚集香港最具特色和活力的樂隊,帶給你一個愉快難忘的表演。

    活動當晚開場,有The Origin帶給你們軼事民間流行曲調,他們的靈感來自於獨特的人類體驗,個人及普世體驗。

    接下來,Musčat 將帶來輕快的泡泡糖流行音樂/青少年流行音樂,保證讓整個場嗨到另一個層次。

    其後,The Funkaphones將為你們表演讓你耳目一新的70年代復古金曲,好讓你在音樂中翩翩起舞,摔開所有悲傷。



    帶同你的愛人,你的好友,甚至你的仇人 – 無論是誰,都一樣穿上你們的舞鞋,來在 The Underground 和 Rula Live 的另一個經典現場音樂之夜搖滾起來吧!

    Rulapalooza #7
    8:30pm – 1am
    Rula Live, G/F, 58-62 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 中環德己立街 58-62號
    查詢電話 : (852) 9486 4648
    FREE ENTRY 免費入場

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