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    After 120 Shazza Music Showcases, leading independent Hong Kong music promoter The Underground is moving the live event to the popular Peel Fresco venue.

    Shazza Music Showcases were started in July 2009 by The Underground to provide an outlet for new bands who typically struggle for opportunities to perform live. The Underground supports and advises all participating bands on how to keep moving forward with their music career.

    Bands who played their first show at Shazza Music Showcases include now prominent acts such as Nowhere Boys and ShumKing Mansion.

    The Wanch sadly closed its doors in August 2020 and it is hoped the venue will reopen post-Covid.

    Peel Fresco opened in 2007 and has been a prime music spot in Hong Kong, open seven days a week.

    This 121st Shazza Music Showcase edition promises a fresh crop of new bands eager to impress, playing everything from pop to rap-rock.

    Wednesday 17th November 2021
    Peel Fresco, G/F, 49 Peel St, Central
    Bands: Royal Sunar, Musčat, Radio Resurgence & Zack Calixtus.
    8:30pm – 11:30pm
    hotline: +852 9486 4648

    Shazza Music Showcase 舉辦了120音樂會之後,香港獨立音樂承辦者 The Underground 將現場活動地點移至Peel Fresco,一個頗受歡迎的場地。

    Shazza Music Showcases 由 The Underground 於 2009 年 7 月後開始舉辦,旨在為新樂隊提供一個出路,由其是為那些缺乏表演機會的樂團 。 The Underground 支持並向所有參與樂隊提供意見,包括如何繼續推進他們的音樂事業。

    Shazza Music Showcase 首次演出的樂隊包括現有著名的樂隊, Nowhere Boys 和 ShumKing Mansion。

    很遺憾地The Wanch於 2020 年 8 月關閉,我們希望該場地在新型冠状病毒肺炎(COVID-19)後可以重新開放。

    Peel Fresco 於 2007 年開業,其一直是香港的主要音樂場所,每週開放 7 天。

    第 121 屆 Shazza Music Showcase 承諾這個音樂會為你留下深刻印象, 我們請來的新樂隊將會演奏從流行音樂到說唱搖滾的音樂。


    這埸音樂會於11 月 17 日星期三晚上 8:30 在 Peel Fresco 舉行。

    2021 年 11 月 17 日星期三
    Peel Fresco, 香港島中區蘇豪區卑利街49號
    樂隊: Royal Sunar, Musčat, Radio Resurgence & Zack Calixtus.
    8:30pm – 11:30pm
    熱線: +852 9486 4648

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