We reviewed some CDs this month. 今個月又有新樂評﹗


02-12-19 @



    We’ve got two new CD reviews published on our site! Check out Maenad and the Ravers’ “Sundown” and 曰.央 Yeuk Yeung’s “from Past to present”. Support Hong Kong bands!
    兩個最新CD樂評已經喺我地嘅網站睇得到!快啲留意下Maenad and the Ravers嘅”Sundown”同埋曰.央嘅”from Past to present”,一齊支持香港樂隊!

    Want your EP or CD reviewed?​

    Here at The Underground we’ve got an army of music lovers who are ready to listen to your music and write a review. Feel free to contact us. Please note, priority is always given to Hong Kong bands.
    The Underground 既團隊有好多鐘意音樂既人,佢地隨時可以聽你地既音樂同寫有關既樂評。

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