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Live Review from Underground 112:

樂隊卡位carseat成立超過十年,樂曲風格偏重搖滾,樂隊各人的樂器彈奏技巧有一定水準,整體配合度十分高,流暢的演奏反映成員豐富的經驗。其中’理關得佢死’歌詞口語化及本土,力量及爆發力十足,粗俗的直接訴說憤怒,拉近了與觀眾的距離。故事整體則較旋律性,勵志性質平衡了前曲的憤怒,展示了樂隊題材多變。終曲逆來順受屬重型搖滾,藉歌詞抒發打工仔的不滿,當中主音駕馭粗礦的咆吼效果甚好,反映聲線彈性不俗,對處理多樣風格有一定優勢。整體卡位個性真摯、對音樂充滿熱誠, 十年的經驗累積了不只樂器彈奏的技巧,亦感覺到對音樂的認真和執著。

– Becky Wong

Carseat were up next, and even before they started, I was impressed with a choice they made – their singer had their own microphone. Very clever, and shows a level of forethought that one doesn’t often see. They were definitely the most local band of the night – not just because they sing in Cantonese, but also in terms of their sound – the mid-tempo rockers, with lots of holding high-notes, medium distortion, a high degree of tunefulness and a fanatical adherence to the verse-chorus-solo-verse-chorus structure (you won’t find any surprising composition here). But, that’s exactly what pop-rock is meant to be, and also what Carseat claim to play, so I have no problem with this. Their singer departs from the standard model of Canto-rock bands by actually singing with attitude and not overusing the high notes; his tone and delivery change from song to song without hamming, and most singers here don’t do that. I must also commend the lead guitarist on his solo-ing style, because there were some great, colourful moments in the solos that sounded like something Eddie Van Halen, or Zakk Wylde might do (particularly on 故事 and the broody 十年). It’s been done before, yes, but when it’s done well that kind of guitar-playing sounds brilliant, and this man definitely did it well.
They’re a solid pop-rock band, embodied by 十年, but with a little more metal than that usually implies, like the speed metal-infused 夢盡. They also can be unexpectedly pop-punky; in fact 理關得佢死 and 故事 could’ve been almost done by local punks Senseless. However, their songs do blend into each other, and they need to work on that aspect of their composition, and I do think some songs of theirs just go on too long. Still, theirs was a fun set, to watch and listen to, and their set had serious energy.

— Shashwati Kala

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