K’scope 萬花筒

Live review from Heavy #21

2.life is too short
3. pac man
4. 出動
6.shake city
7. hi-bye!

K’ SCOPE 萬花筒雖然並非傳統重金屬風格,反而更偏向龐克搖滾,但仍然足以支撐現場的Heavy味,外國聽眾似乎尤其熱愛此樂隊,首首歌都投入狂FING。樂隊較為亮眼的是開首的理念對立作戰Restart,副歌位不斷重覆歌詞「理念對立作戰」及「Do you hear? Do you see?」確是過癮。但在這些過癮為主的龐克搖滾歌曲中,歌詞卻是密實而文藝,承載了大量具說教意味和有深度的文字,在高亢的現場中快速吐出這些文字,則有些搞笑,但又可說是樂隊的特色之一。總括而言,樂隊歌曲的旋律處理得不錯,令人印象深刻。

Punk rock may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the word “Heavy”. At least, not alongside other bands who tout deathcore and prog-metal as their musical influences. Admittedly, I was skeptical.

K’scope, however, are nothing if not totally contrary.

For a self-proclaimed punk band, they acquired a more distinctly rap-metal quality as their set progressed. Words were spoken, sometimes yelled or growled (but never sung) over driving guitars. Songs were indeed peppered throughout with characteristic punk riffs, catchy in their celebratory yet discordant nature, and interspersed with System Of A Down-esque shredding.

But then Shake City featured a twenty second guitar solo, which loaned itself more to the realms of grandiose arena rock. After this came a sudden, rhythmic staccato guitar break, the drums rasping out a Rastafarian groove before surging back to heavy rock with little in the way of relevance.
As the lead vocalist clapped her hands above her head in a questionable move to encourage a clap-along during a non-melodic bridge, and later unsuccessfully trying to instigate a circle pit, there was palpable confusion.

Although providing a unique break from convention, some of these sudden genre-bending moments felt unnecessary, out of place, and haphazardly spliced into songs.

Short for kaleidoscope, K’scope’s name seems to serve them well. Their talent is unquestionable across multiple rock genres, but it fails to find a home in any of them. Yes, genre is transient. Music would be dull if no one challenged its constraints, after all. But it is apparent that K’scope may have yet to settle into their sound as a band, and the effect is an unexpectedly fragmented one.

That being said, they certainly proved themselves worthy of the title “heavy”. Able to swap with ease between Cantonese and English, K’scope have formidable potential to appeal to broader audience demographics here in Hong Kong. And hey, as for the genre dissonance, I guess there’s really nothing more punk than going against convention purely for the chaotic joy of doing so.
– Jasmine Gould-Wilson

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