The Three Hares 三兔

IMG_9200.jpg Live review from Planetrox China Final 2016:

1. Volcano
2. All Gangsters Are Pussies
3. Milestone
4. Post (Black Out)

“Don’t talk too much between your songs because it’s boring,” Planetrox judge Simon Gaudry warned bands before the China Final 2016. The Three Hares’ set was not boring, but a little less natter may have kept them on the right side of that strict 20-minute time limit.

After the Matchbox 20-aping All Gangsters Are Pussies, atmospheric drums and softly nudging bass led into Milestone. Lead singer “ChubbyBunny” began the song with soft, low singing, but his voice went all over the place as he tried to reach the higher notes. The song’s saving grace was a beautiful bluesy solo from guitarist CharlieSmiles, before it wound to a halt with gently ticking cymbals.

A slightly underwhelming set was turned on its head for closer Post (Black Out). Opening with echoey bass banging and mysterious, brooding Spanish guitar arpeggios, the track built steadily to a howling climax. Starting low, Chubby’s voice was wrathful and dark until he hit spine-chilling Matt Bellamy levels for a climactic finale amid walls of guitar feedback and stadium-sized drums. The theatrical track’s extended outro put the band two minutes outside the time limit but, for the audience anyway, the enduring chills as the distortion continued echoing around the room made it a worthwhile penalty.
– El Jay

IMG_6757.jpg Live review from The Underground “Back to its Roots” Festival Part 1:

1. volcano
2. Amsterdam
3. milestone
4. post(black out)
5. what’s wrong guitar
6. apocalyptic abandon
7. all gangsters are pussies

The indie-pop quartet The Three Hares open the first day of the Underground’s Back to Its Roots Festival with the punchy bass intro of “Volcano” leading into an intense intro jam. Playing to a sea of festival food patrons sat at the picnic area and a few families stood up front, the singer perpetuated a cool vibe with his sunglasses-acoustic guitar look. The Four Quarters singer can already be seen in the crowd, moving along to their set. An emotional start to “Amsterdam” breaks into a catchy rhythm, and a sunny day vibe emanating from the stage to match the weather, a few interested on-lookers sitting down on the lawn in front of the stage chilling along to the music, while kids frolicked about in the audience. A catchy solo with an immersive look on the singer’s face ends on a memorable hook. A very dreamy feel came with “Milestone” with emotional rhythms sounding like early day emo music, the bassist really getting into the groove, with a Hendrix-feeling solo with light splashes on the cymbals scattered about.

The singer introduces the band with their funny nicknames, prompting a few laughs from the audience, and goes on to lead with the timeless-sounding guitar intro to “Post (Black Out)” with the whole band putting together a soulful beat behind it. The vocals are croony and the guitar slightly menacing, the song built up a melancholic feel towards the end, covering it in reverb and a spacey solo, reminiscent of 30 seconds to mars. “What’s Wrong Guitar” had a blues-y feel, featuring jabby guitar licks, attracting more spectators to the sidelines, with the bassist again moving his body to the solid groove they were creating. Grooviness intensified with “Apocalyptic Abandon”, an upbeat jazzy number, with intricate chord structures and energetic rhythm, giving the festival atmosphere a very positive feel. Tight for time, the band ended on “All Gangsters are Pussies”, their strongest track, with a lick-y guitar solo intro, a somewhat chochukmo/RHCP vibe, a hard driving beat and intricate guitar work, they gave it their all. The Three Hares was a very good choice to open to the festival, with a very chill vibe to it.
– Sherman Leung

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