Time Though 睇唔到

DSC00144.JPG Live review from Underground Rustic:

1. Aroma
2. Not Now
3. When The Tracks Roll In
4. People Mountain People Sea
5. Back To The Beginning (Swtichfoot cover)
6. Durian What What What (GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅 cover)

四人組合Time Though(睇唔到)凝聚了非常多種音樂風格,筆者實在不知道他們除了在Rustic #1之外,應該去爵士樂酒吧還是去工廈Hidden Agenda表演比較合適。第一首歌Aroma是另類搖滾,然後Not Now引用了Knights of Cydonia(Muse)的旋律,When The Tracks Roll In是爵士樂,People Mountain People Sea將觀眾帶到了Bob Dylan的民謠地帶,最後還要向本地樂隊雞蛋蒸肉餅致敬。Time Though涉足這麼多不同的風格,可能是皆因每名成員(結他、bass、琴以及鼓)都技術高超,要找機會個人獨奏表演。總括半小時的演出,觀眾沒有一刻會覺得沈悶,每首原創歌曲都是驚喜。
– Elson Tong

Apparently, Time Though is the latest in a long list of band names for these boys. Jonathan Chan is the band’s leader, front man and song writer. A bit of a comedian too, making it clear his drummer is on the look-out for love. I’m always a sucker for harmonica and on opening song Aroma it dances back and forth with the bass drum. John Lo on keyboard give us a jazzy solo around the middle eighth and they finish with perhaps one too many repeats of the chorus line.

The beginning of Not Now seems to suggest the Kinks to me, but whatever it says to the crowd they like it. Jonathan is a super front man in this setting, at times though it seems he’s a bit more accustomed to playing solo. Here he plays his guitar with a bit of percussion, which you might find slightly odd with a whole drum kit behind him, but it works. He’s a showman that’s for sure – funny and self-assured. Just as I’m thinking I need to order another beer, suddenly we’re hearing a sample of Knights of Cydonia by Muse! Did that just happen? These guys are keeping us guessing. If anyone in the crowd wasn’t paying attention, they are now.

People Mountain People Sea is strong pop song, with a cracking middle eighth to it. It’s got a nostalgia to it too. Aroma was about home and this has a wistful theme to it – longing for something lost. Stuff we can all relate to. 

Jonathan tells us their cover of Back To The Beginning by Switchfoot is in an odd timing, but it doesn’t come across especially unusual to me. They really nail this song and John’s keys are nothing short of just lovely. Jonathan delivers his vocals with a little less strength in the lower register; when he’s up top he’s perfect. He seems to have much more confidence when he’s really busting it out.

The crowd once again demand an encore, not something I’ve seen too much of at Underground gigs. They give us a serving of local indie band GDJYB with 榴槤乜乜乜 (Durian What What What). The drums on this are really tight and I don’t know why but I’m getting a Green Day vibe from them on this song. The crowd are clapping along and loving this. Solid boys.
– Simon Donald Jones

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