Yeung Tung 楊 彤

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Live review from Electronica 3:

1. Monday
2. Breaking
3. Poison
4. Backseat Driver
5. Mumble
6. Marks on My Skin
7. Unthinkable

The mellow mood after Fabel’s set continued as Yeung Tung took to the stage. On slow and slinking opening track Monday, the local producer sang soulful R&B-inspired lyrics. While her vocals were loud enough, the beats occasionally struggled to compete in the mix – and it didn’t help that there was a lot of chatter in the room.
Second track Breaking drew from iamamiwhoami’s dense palette, with deep, dark bass, chilly, echoed rhythms and laguid vocals. It was very emotive – if not a little too loud and distorted. Over a trap beat, came the repeated refrain “Beating for you”. Midway through the set, the energy peaked with Underworld-esque, synth-led, lowkey trance rhythms.
The performer kept the atmosphere deep and moody, combining spare, sad piano chords with a husky vocal style for a trip-hop aesthetic that led on well from the preceding act. While the music was distant and icy, Yeung’s voice recalled Lana Del Rey in its lows, and Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry when it climbed to spine-tingling highs. An outro drew from Massive Attack’s lugubrious, pensive playbook alongside the lyrics, “Ever since the day I met you…
Yeung’s set closed with Unthinkable, a calming, invigorating bath of sound underpinned by maudlin melodies, crowning a set that took the room to shadowy and thoughtful places and established the artist as an enigmatic new figure on the local electronica scene.
– El Jay

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Performances by Yeung Tung 楊 彤: