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Looking to graduate from the street to the stage?

The Underground’s new project is all about the buskers and the often overlooked talent that can be found on the pavements, piers and promenades of Hong Kong.

Starting from September 2018, buskers from all over the city will be invited to perform at a regular series of gigs curated to showcase homegrown, up-and-coming musicians. If the street has been your only stage so far and you feel ready to move to the next level, this is for you.

Introducing: Small Stage, Big Music. If you’re a permanent Hong Kong resident with big musical dreams, fill in the form below to be part of this new venture.

Slot times of each performance: 25-30 minutes
Venue: TBC, maybe outdoor or indoor… Giving you a different taste to perform on different stages 🙂
Required information for application:

  • Your previous performance (youtube link preferred)
  • Your Band name/ Person name
  • Description of your band/ you
  • Personal contact

Click here to apply
Once you are being selected, we will contact you ASAP for further discussion! Act now to join us!


The Underground HK 現正籌備一項大活動… 我們希望聚集所有香港有潛質的街頭音樂人在一個舞台上,讓大家看見香港音樂人的才華!
由九月起,The Underground 將會為香港的街頭音樂人提供一個表演平台。這個或許會是你音樂旅程的起點,同時亦能帶你發掘更多香港樂壇的面貌!這個也許會是你第一次在專業水準的舞台上表演,也許你能夠獲取第一群忠實粉絲,也許你也可以從此獲取更多舞台經驗!多年後,可能你便會成為下一隊登上全港最大舞台的樂隊!


  • 你或樂隊過往的表演 (建議放上Youtube供我們參考)
  • 你個人或你樂隊的名字
  • 個人或樂隊簡介
  • 聯絡方法

「小舞台、大世界」現正召集所有本地街頭音樂人!只要你是香港永久居民,自認為音樂了得並且不懼怕在人群前 (或你將來的粉絲:P) 表演,快來參加我們!填妥下方的表格來開展你的音樂旅程吧!

Applicant Name (required)


性別 (M or F)

Your Email (required)

Phone No.

Contact Person and phone No.

Band Name / Performer Name
表演者/ 樂隊名稱

Name of Band member (If valid)

Your Group type (Solo 個人/Group 團體表演)

Description of your band / yourself
表演者/ 樂隊簡介:

Equipment needed

Previous Performance: (Please submit URLs to your previous performances (Youtube links preferred)

Any thing else you think we need to know about your band

Terms and conditions:
1. Applicant must be a resident of Hong Kong, and holder of a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.
2. The performer is required to bring their own music equipment for the events.
3. Only one member of each band is required to submit this form if you are a group performer.
4. The Underground reserves the right in acceptance of all enrollments and to disqualify any applicant at any time, also the right to amend the list of performers and content of performance.
5. The Underground may video and photo in all events and the applicants agree to such photo and video 4 takings and understands that such contents will be used for future promotional, reporting and relevant purposes of The Underground.
6. The Underground reserves the right of explanations and modifications of the event.

1. 申請人必須為香港永久居民,並持有香港身份證。
2. 表演者需自行攜帶樂器表演。
3. 每隊樂隊只需提交一次申請。
4. The Underground 保有報名人參與資格的決定權,以及更改活動的原定嘉賓、內容、日期、時間及地點的權利。
5. The Underground在活動進行期間將安排拍攝相片及影片,報名人必須同意該等拍攝,並明白該等拍 攝內容將有機會在日後被用作宣傳、報導及推廣等用途。
6. The Underground 保留解釋及修訂活動細則的權利。

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