0755 (Shenzhen)

shenzhen1u009.JPG Live Review from Shenzhen Underground 1:

What a great way to start Underground’s 1st show in Mainland China! 0755 kicked off the event with a great reggae set in Mandarin to warm up the audience… and it certainly went down well. The band was tight and was quite successful in capturing the pop reggae ‘feel’, vocalist inclusive, even though the last song was more in the style of beat (Merseybeat) than reggae (and no less pleasing – the guitar hooks were spot on). If I have any complaint about this band it was the fact that it only did 3 songs. In their defence, they were called in at the last minute. All in all, a band worth keeping an eye on and I look forward to seeing them play a longer set.


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Performances by 0755 (Shenzhen):