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Order your band stickers from The Underground​!​

**Stickers are incredibly cheap, easy to distribute, and they can give you a presence in the places your audience hangs out**

They are easy to transport (hundreds will fit in your pocket), they are cheap to send in the mail, and they are a fun giveaway.

If you have your own design ready to go, we can help you. Custom shapes available too. Email us for more details.


Keep your stickers small. There’s many more places for smaller stickers to go.
Limit yourself to a few colors to keep the costs down.
Use your band’s logo as your design.
Include contact information – website, facebook, whatever helps your fans find you!


* Concerts of bands in the same genre are a good place to start. Bring them to concerts and hand them out, but resist sticking them all over the venue – they’ll just get scraped off and annoy the staff. If the venue has a place where they encourage stickering, like a poster board in a bathroom or something, definitely take advantage of it.
* Include stickers with merchandise. If you are selling CDs, every CD should have a sticker or two included. If you have a gig, give a stack to the doorman to hand out to everyone attending.
* If you have a Facebook page or a website, include an offer to send free stickers to fans. Ask them to like you on facebook and send an email to you. (In exchange for free stickers, you get a mailing list of potential fans that you can announce your gigs to.)
* Your friends and family members are your core support group. Give them a few stickers each and ask them to help you. You will be surprised where the stickers may end up.
* Put them on your instrument cases, or even put them on your instruments!​​

BTW, if you were just hoping to get some Underground stickers, we’d be happy to send you some! Email us your postal address.

在The Underground訂購樂團貼紙吧!




*如果你有facebook專頁或樂團網站,提供免費貼紙贈送給like facebook專頁的支持者,叫他們寄電郵去通知你們。(除此之外,你亦得到一班粉絲的電郵地址,有演出的時候,可以透過電郵通知他們。)

另外,如果你想要The Underground的貼紙,我們非常樂意寄給你!把你的郵寄地址電郵給我們吧!

DarkHimaya_stickers andiyi_stickers


Order your band T-shirts from The Underground​!​

** T-shirts worn by your fans are the best form of publicity your band can get.**

How to order your T-shirts:

Have a cool looking logo. Unless your band logo is so cool that it stands alone, think of ways to make the logo more attractive.
Get your T-shirt logo in .AI format for best printing results.
Assess your audience and decide what sizes you want.
We have short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts and in many colours of the rainbow as well as black and white.
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
We accept a minimum of 10 Tshirts.

T-shirts Advice for bands:

* Display your awesome shirt on the stage. Drape it over a guitar amp. Have some attractive friends wear your shirts at your gigs!
* If someone buys a T-shirt, thank them from the stage. Point them out. “Look how cool that guy is in his new t-shirt!” Buy him a beer. That’s a MUCH BETTER use of your drink tickets than getting drunk and falling off the stage. 🙂
* Use your drink tickets to sell merch, not to get drunk. You can simply hang out at your merch table, mingle with fans, and buy drinks for people that buy merch.

The Underground 為你的樂隊訂製T-shirt!

** 當歌迷身穿你樂隊的T-shirt,就是最佳的宣傳手法!**


以 . Al 程式提供樂隊標誌獲得最佳印刷效果
尺碼: 加細 (XS), 細 (S), 中 (M), 大 (L), 加大 (XL), 加加大 (XXL)


– 如舞台上宣傳一下衣服,不但自己穿上還可以放在吉他Amp及其他容易收注目的位置。
– 如果有看到觀眾買了及穿上自己的T-shirt不妨於台上表演時提出及感謝他們,更可請他們喝一杯啤酒以示感謝
– 在零售位置跟朋友及歌迷聚會傾談,令T-shirt更受注目




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