Live review from FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival


1. Hear on my own
2. Take 1
3. Find Out Why
4. Fly
5. 1960

As day turned to night and office workers began to filter down to Central Harbourfront to catch the festival’s evening entertainment programme. 12.8 greeted them with sunny washes of indie pop guitar laced with evocative piano. The perfectly formed pop of the Beach Boys and the emotionally driven songwriting of Mew equally came to mind as the band sailed through five uplifting tracks.

The set’s high point was closer 1960, which combined a shuffling beat with skulking bass, channelling the emotive rock of Deathcab for Cutie. The keys emulated horns against crashing cymbals as a singalong ‘na na na’ refrain echoed throughout the stage. Like a cross between Brendan Urie and Ben Gibbard, the singer was a real showman, leading the crowd in clap-along sections and nailing every note.

In all, the group came across as a really tight, creative unit, sprinkling quirkier elements – like the keyboards – alongside more obvious influences. Testament to the band’s dedication, as soon as they exited the stage, they packed up their gear and headed to the airport to fly to perform at Taiwan’s Wake Up Festival. Make sure you don’t sleep on 12.8.
– El Jay

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Performances by 12.8: