IMG_5941.JPG Live review from Underground 99:

(Titles translated into English)

1. World

2. Liar

3. Missing

4. Greedy

5. Tear

6. Unreal

Despite these guys’ description of their own music being a phrase sometimes used as a pejorative, this is a pretty cool band. Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t fairly generic, subgenre-spanning light metal that they play; but they play it with some more alt. rock touches which makes their sound fresh and more rubber-band-ey and bass-driven, rather than over-distortedly choppy (which is an unfortunately common choice). Not surprising, given the beautifully smooth sounds that a Rickenbacker bass (4003?) will give you. The guitars sound like MCR’s Ray Toro being doubled up – a wonderful, soaring and filling sound, that oscillates from pure 80s Eddie Van Halen type stuff to 90s nu-metal (but without the stupidity of either), with occasional hints at funk. Combine that with a VERY competent singer, who can sing full-throated and operatic without being lame, and a drummer (apparently new) who’s got a lot of groove for this style, and you have a band that’s fun to listen to. World and Liar started off more centred on a chugging 90s rock feel, while Missing had touches of math rock which salvaged it from sounding like cheese metal. Unreal had a bit of the early-Lostprophets feel (think Shinobi) and the band seemed to really have fun with it, adding anthemic guitars and swinging drums. Overall, a strong set to close out a strong show which, to everyone’s delight, was a great one to be at.

— Shashwati Kala


Apache是一隊Canton Rock的樂隊,成員包括主音逸、結他手Kelvin及花、低音結他手Mann及鼓手科。Apache的音樂很有力量,旋律性很強,以電子結他奏出的旋律更有一種跳脫的感覺。主音在演唱不同的作品時都有不同的演繹方式,對聲音的控制很好。Apache的歌詞及音樂內容均圍繞著自身的所思所感,樂隊的整體演出更充滿熱情。以廣東話作為創作的樂隊在The Underground的音樂會中可能是屬於小數,但語言絲毫不阻隔音樂的交流及溝通,很多擁有外國人面孔的觀眾(雖然也可能是擁有外國人面孔的香港人),聽得比誰都投入。Apache的演出為The Underground這年度最後一場音樂會Underground 99帶來了精彩的結束。

— Eva Leung


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