ART (Philippines)

House band at The Cavern playing an original set at Underground 68.



A fusion of musicians form Manila’s top bands-Kel Segovia (Next Level)-vocals,Gerry Fernandez (X Project)-vocals,Stanley Seludo (Toy Symphony)-drums,Dennis Abaleta (Major Seventh)-bass,Mike San Juan (Detour)-keyboard,Honrad Laquian (Resoul)-guitar,equals a superb band simply known as ART(Amplified Rescue Team).They have merged to satisfy their common desire for change and uniqueness.Driven to step out of stereotypical norms of today’s musicians..Together,the formed a sound distinctly their own,a fusion of style with no rule,no boundaries.

They have maintained loyal followers in the local scene and abroad,exhibiting the high standard of quality entertainment,Filipinos are well known for.Touring Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta, Bali and Khuala Lhumpur,have honed their talents to international standards.Currently performing in The Cavern in Hong Kong,they have captured the hearts of the people by expressing their kind of music..

Conquering cultural and language boundaries, ART will continue to leave marks in the hearts of music lovers all over Asia..

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Performances by ART (Philippines):