Banyan Bay Ensemble

final106.JPG Live review from Uncovered: Not your usual cover bands 原創翻唱音樂會:

1. Nine Pound Hammer
2. You are my sunshine
3. Old #7
4. Paradise
5. Worry Man Blues
6. Sixteen Tons

這是The Underground 第一次找來Bluegrass Soul 的樂隊演出, 從樂隊陣容來說已經令人非常期待, 因為樂隊除了正常的五弦琴手(Banjo)和小提琴手外, 還有一位琵琶手。當中樂碰上傳統的美式民謠時, 會擦出甚麼火花?
在第一首翻唱Merle Travis的Nine Pound Hammer已經安排了各人Solo, 向觀眾介紹了各位成員。接著第二首是Jimmie Davis原作, Bob Dylan、 Johnny Cash和Willie Nelson等都曾翻唱的 You Are My Sunshine。主音Michael曾呼籲觀眾一起大合唱, 可惜, 可能因為觀眾年紀較輕的關係, 響應的人不多。之後的Old #7主題為Jack Denial’s Tennessee Whisky, 身為The Underground飲品贊助人的Jack Denials知道一定很高興。第五首為美國著名抗議歌手Woody Guthrie 的Worry Man Blues。Blue Grass Soul對The Underground 聽眾來說確是比較新鮮的曲風。可是Banyan Bay Ensemble唱的歌曲中, 除了第四的Paradise是比較中慢板外, 其餘的速度和編曲都相約。樂隊又喜歡把歌曲結尾重複, 令到演出中後段有失去初初的新鮮感。另外, 可能是琵琶的咪高風問題, 琵琶的聲音並不太明顯, 難以聽得出中西結合的火花。但亦非常感謝他們為現場觀眾帶來充滿美國南部風情的演出。
– Dicky Kwong

Banyan Bay Ensemble surprised everyone with their Bluegrass / Americana style with a 琵琶 (Pi pa, traditional Chinese lute), Violin, Guitar, Cello and Banjo, they started off with classics like “Nine Pound Hammer” by Merle Travis and “You are my Sunshine” by Willie Nelson, the venue turned into an old-style American barn complete with square dancing from the crowd. Drinks abound, the atmosphere turned extra cozy with the band performing “Old No. 7” by The Devil Makes Three in respect to Jack Daniels, thanking him for the good times.

The Americana style really brought the crowd out of its shell, with chatter left and right and smiles all around, I’m glad I got to see the crowd mingle. Banyan Bay Ensemble truly displayed professional musicianship, with the band listening in for each other for impromptu breaks, solos and jams every now and then. The addition of a traditional Chinese instrument was a real hit, and fit together very well with the band despite it originating completely different from a completely different part of the world, unlike the other instruments.

Finishing off with “Paradise”, “Worrie Man Blues” and “Sixteen tons”, the band impressed and wowed the crowd with their skill, musicianship, and energy as they sang the night away, right into delta blues America. Banyan Bay Ensemble is a truly unique band, and not one to be missed.
– Sherman Leung

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