u71041.jpg Live Review from Underground 71:
Blaster offered something completely different with effects pedals a-plenty, slap bass, and even one of those strange keyboards played guitar-like, standing up. Irrationally exuberant songs ranged from Rage Against the Machine power to banal sub-karaoke balladry. Each song contained about three too many tempo changes, but the enthusiasm was infectious.

Undisputed song of the set was the cod-rockabilly Very Hot in Summer, featuring audience sing-along and an utterly baffling yet winning “Indian disco time” middle section. Irony lives!

Blaster have a ton of ideas and despite a touch of over-ambition and a distinctly dodgy mix, kept the crowd smiling.
Paul M

Click here to watch Blaster playing their original song: Fellowship!

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Performances by Blaster: