Live Review from Underground 81:

It was the first appearance of this four-piece grunge band, Bodytoning, at the Underground. I could feel the rawness of their music in every single note that they played. The singer and guitarist Anthony had contributed a lot in delivering the creating the grunge feeling. I was amazed when their drummer Kenny left the drum set and became the lead vocal in a soft, soulful piece of music, it was my favorite song of them. The band has excellent stage performance, and you can tell from their faces that they were really enjoying themselves on stage, sharing with the audience the joy of having the freedom of playing music that they like.

Click here to see them playing their original song: ‘She Loves Me’ at Underground 81!

The reborn Bodytoning with a new lineup is thrilled to stage an unforgettable comeback performance at The Melting Pot in Soho at Central on 4th July,2009. This spectacular occasion was neatly organised by Chris B and her Underground team. It was really a nice experience to collaborate with Chris B, a Rock Mum who took care of everything and welcomed us warmly upon our arrival at the scene. Besides, her team did a marvellous job of designing the flyer for publicity and the tickets for door entry that evening. Everybody in the venue was wearing a smiling face and awaiting the rocking beats to shake their bodies non-stop. Everywhere was filled with joy and cozy feelings. The unexceptional close distance between the audience and the performers did further arouse the spirits of both parties. We are definitely delighted to work with Chris B and her team in the near future. We will surely support local independent musicians and music lovers. We will rock you. We want to place our motto here once again:

‘Music is life and live is music.’

We will strive hard to do more originals to excite the crowd who really loves grunge rock.

Long live grunge rock and its supporters!

Do come support the local independent music scene which is definitely more creative and exciting than the mainstream ones!
Many thanks!
Kenny from Bodytoning


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Performances by Bodytoning: