Brigitte Mitchell

Live review from FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival


1. I can’t give you anything but love (cover)
2. Peel me a grape (cover)
3. Just One of those things (cover)
4. Devil May Care (cover)
5. God bless (cover)

This slick, hip ‘trio’ turned quartet would make the perfect pairing for your wine and steak dinner at a fancy restaurant in Hong Kong. Luckily, they also made for a great opener at the FW Mellow Yellow Festival. The soaring summer temperatures and relentless heat didn’t stop their lead singer from rocking a long black dress and 4 inch stilettos that would make Etta James feel proud. Their music was as smooth as their outfits as they serenaded the crowd with “I can’t give you anything but love.” The space in this song left plenty of room for little piano licks and bass fills that emulated a low tuned guitar. Brigitte’s voice showed great range as she moved effortlessly between tenor and alto while the drummer never missed a beat. This song was understandably safe and the crowd appreciated the time to warm up to their blend.

Their next song however was forgettable, as even the singer couldn’t remember the name of the artist who wrote it. It wasn’t until their next song, “Just One of Those Things” that things got cookin’. The keys player demonstrated his virtuosity during a two minute solo, and the song could have easily been the soundtrack for 007 minus the horns and big band effects. Brigitte’s voice was equally seductive as she lazily and effortlessly moved to each successive note. By their next song, “The Devil May Care,” as a jazz fan, it may have been time to order another drink, but if you were an unassuming family of four just hoping for a good time, you might have been looking for the exit.

I would have liked to see the band take more risks- and although the skatting and improvisation in the middle of the tune was more unpredictable and fun, it was far too self- conscious to fully captivate the audiences’ interest. It wasn’t until band’s final piece ‘God Bless’ that the band finally settled in both the pocket of the groove and the vibe of the event. The e.piano added a groovy flavour that got the kids next to me stomping and clapping to the beat.

A great band for jazz enthusiasts in an intimate low lit setting.
– Kyle Wagner


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