Live review from Summer Festival 夏日大派對 2023:
Who A U
Noisy (J1M3)
Like a moth to a flame 

Chanka’s set represented a change in energy after the party-starting reggae of General Achlin Achlino and the Captains, but her meticulously crafted set made her exceptionally worthy of her billing

Her whispery, elvish vocals recalled Billie Eilish on more than one occasion and were well-paired with a chill, down-tempo electronic production.

Who A U paired a lush soundscape with organic noises, evoking experimental soloists like Yeule, Jasmine Sokko and, of course, Björk. A pulsing, evolving dance music production and scramble of beats made the track feel like a delicious ASMR buffet to the ears.

While lemon was lush, echoey and distorted, like the music played on a rooftop bar on a summer’s night, Noisy channelled 90s pop – albeit with a futuristic scratching, squeaking and skipping going on in the background – for a mix that Grimes would have been proud of.

By the super catchy Hypocrite, Chanka was on the floor dancing with the crowd and engaging with people, many of whom ended up sitting down for closing track Like a moth to a flame. A fireside feel was created with low BPM and a twinkling piano melody, sending all gathered off into dreamland.

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Performances by CHANKA: