Charlie Chan

Live review from FWD Mellow Yellow Music Festival


1. 習慣了沒
2. 填上空白
3. Just the two of us (cover)
4. Taking a chance of love (cover)
5. 這首歌
6. Yes girl (cover)

Charlie Chan performed at the busking stage at the Mellow Yellow Festival. The young busker composed her own songs to share her feelings in life. One of her songs was for Hong Kongers who are fighting for their hometown, and she encourages them to never stop.

I know protecting Hong Kong is very tiring, frustrating and makes one feel hopeless, but when seeing everyone doing the same beside me I realize that I am not alone. This song is for all the Hong Kongers who work so hard and to show my appreciation for them.

In the song, Charlie expresses her admiration and encouragement for Hong Kong people by narrating the difficulties encountered and the resilience of them.

“Despite all the obstacles and hurdles, let’s stand together to protect Hong Kong,” she sang in Cantonese.
– YP Cadet Chloe Lau (Young Post)


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Performances by Charlie Chan: