Choi Sai-ho (S.T.)

Live Review from Underground electronica:

  • 1. U-Electronica [*New Song]
  • 2. The Educators
  • 3. Pianohead + Mood Be4 Storm + Violin Cityscape
  • 4. Map Dealers + Dancing Failure + Lottery Players vs. Game Console People + Technoscape + Summer 80s: Hong Kong Rain

S.T. was another guy who used a real instrument in his music, but his was a violin that is testament to his classical music training. U-Electronica moved quickly into hyperdrive, with a sudden avalanche of beats and notes, and equally fast visuals, creating a jarring mood with a benzedrine mindset. The visuals of empty balconies were perfect to accompany the sparse sound, offset by the occasional coloured image and change of sound effects. The violin was brought into play in The Educators, and the song was appropriately operatic at first, then going into a serious, symphonic yet experimentally techno feel. The 3rd song spanned a vast variety of electronic genres, and its feel was based more on the sampled voice as in hard acid jazz, and had a distinct groove to it – a nice flourished contrast to the rest of his sparse, technically-oriented tracks. The fourth song was much more primary and simple in its feel, with correspondingly uncomplicated visuals of just colours, but nicely offset with some complex polyrhythms to make up for the lack of substantial melody in the song(s). The set ended on a rousing high, but ended somewhat abruptly, momentarily undoing the good work done in the preceding song. But, no harm done, because he’d taken everyone on a really interesting journey through an unexpectedly earthy electronic set. Additionally, his iPad histrionics were uber cool to watch, as that was equally interesting as the visuals.

There could only be one way to close the show after that – by once again enveloping the stage with smoke – and making S.T. have to wait a couple minutes for the visibility to be enough for him to clear up his gear.

– Shashwati

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Performances by Choi Sai-ho (S.T.):