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IMG_2262.JPG Live Review from Sub Terra #3

1. Panic station – Muse (cover)
2. Dani California – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (cover)
3. All In
4. Decode – Paramore (cover)

As is tradition at the Underground, a "new" teenage band is invited to open proceedings at Sub Terra. Asyndeton started up the first one, followed by Zero Displacement. Sub Terra #3 was no exception, with Code Red opening proceedings.

Formerly known as Technical Difficulties, the band did indeed look nervous as they stepped on stage at the Hub, and kicked off the show with a cover of Muse’s Panic Station. Drummer Ydis Lopez and bassist Joshua Mellor delivered a strong start with a tight and energetic rhythm. Despite sound issues, singer Mikayla Boonstra leapt into action with soaring vocals that drew applause from the crowd.

Any troubles at the audio desk didn’t show on their faces, where it was clear they were having run. The second song of the night, Dani California by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, with guitarist Dylan Halbroth’s funky guitar fills, struck me as an authentic yet refreshing cover. It was obvious at the outset that the rhythm section was tight, providing a solid base for Mikayla.

Next, the band introduced their original song All In. With a sound reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys yet containing elements of Paramore-esque pop punk, Code Red really shone on stage, getting the audience moving. Drummer Ydis throwing in a frenzied drum solo and a nifty solo from Dylan added to the fun.

The band really wore their influences on their sleeve for their last song, Decode by Paramore. They really went into overdrive to close the set, administering a heavy breakdown (courtesy of Dylan, Ydis and Joshua) supplemented by over-the-top vocals. A personal favourite.

Considering it was the band’s second show, they delivered a optimistic performance. At various points, all members looked nervous with small mistakes creeping in. Nevertheless; they recovered quickly to start Sub Terra with a bang.

I’d have liked to hear more originals from the band; All In was a promising debut, and the band should branch out more to cover Mikayla’s vocal style. Still, small faults aside, I think Code Red has the potential to really take their music to the next level with practice and time.

– Harmeet Bhatia

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