cruftworld (Shenzhen)


Live Review from Underground 80:

cruftworld. was an appropriate end to the show. It was interactive electro music and should cater to an audience that loved to just stick around and dance or even jam with cruftworld. cruftworld. was a one-man performance; his songs were short dj pieces either being a electro-pop composition or a recorded song, which he sang over. It seemed he didn’t mind using any musical source as long as he could make a tune of interest. He did his homework, and found out there are currently only 4 other electro bands in Hong Kong, so cruftworld. is a self-proclaimed top-5 electro band. At that late hour, some of the weaklings had gone home, so the tough ones among the crowd were being challenged by cruftworld.’s energetic pieces like “Why I Am A Very Bad Rapper”, which got the crowd to all went “shit”. A nifty tune, really. He’s got druggy songs, he’s got drunken songs, and even got a mandarin song that was like a puzzle for the Chinese audience. Needless to say, cruftworld. earned an encore, and the crowd wouldn’t let him go. That was when I realized that could last all night, may be I am weak, in the end. Keep going, cruftworld. …

Bun Ng

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Performances by cruftworld (Shenzhen):