U88_086.JPGLive Review from Underground 88:
A four piece act that I need to apologise to, as I wasn’t able to hang around for more than three songs of their set. I had to instruct a friend how to get to the difficult-to-explain-where venue. For your information, ‘Near a 7-11 opposite a roadside eatery’ is apparently not considered good guidance. Anyway, back to Cycle. They started with a cover, SHOCK HORROR! but! it was a Beatles medley, going in and out of songs such as Twist’n’shout and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Actually I can’t really remember if there were other songs, so it may just have been some interesting blend of these two. It was good, which it would of had to have been if you were ballsy enough to cover the Beatles outside of a band room. The originals I got to catch, had a true canto-pop/rock sound, that seem to build up to the moment the lead guitarist ripped out a killer solo. Very good guitar work bud. Sadly that’s all I have down on my notes before having to go outside. Sorry once again Cycle.
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

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