Dada Ante Portas (Switzerland)

DSC04983.JPGLive Review from Dada Ante Portas China Tour Last stop:
Wow. And again “WOW”. I’ve been to Rockschool a couple of times but I’ve never heard a band sound so good here. Dada Ante Portas are clearly professionals yet managed to come across as down to Earth and very approachable. (They signed CDs after their set, in fact the CDs were free and the bassist chatted with me for a long time after their set). I had enjoyed the songs on their myspace page and they played all of them including that catchy pop anthem “Taking Your Love”. There was lots of harmonies, audience singalongs and jumping. A thoroughly enjoyable set of 1 hour and 15 minutes. If only it hadn’t been a Monday night, as the 60 odd people in the audience couldn’t stop dancing, I can understand how these lads entertain crowds of 20,000+ in Switzerland. Power to the Swiss.
Ollday Jess

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Performances by Dada Ante Portas (Switzerland):