Daniel Martin (Denmark)

U91062.jpgLive Review from Underground 91:

Singer songwriter Daniel Martin originated from Denmark, and with loads of commerical writings under his belt, it’s not surprising that he and his mates brought us some of the finest tunes of the evening.

The songs are mellow and tender, with Daniel himself sitting and singing comfortably with his acoustic guitar, and the violin and keyboard accompanists adding the right amount of heaviness to the songs, which definitely made the songs more tasteful. If you enjoy the like of James Blunt, Rialto or Kent, you’ll probably enjoy his set as much as I did. I can imagine enjoy listening to his songs while driving or chilling out at home, and like i said about David and Kyra before, Daniel here as well defined “acoustic” genre for the night.
Marvin – In Love And Pain!

Click here to watch Daniel Martin playing their original song: Jealousy!

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Performances by Daniel Martin (Denmark):