Delta T 蛋撻頭

Live Review from Wild Boar Music Festival 野豬音樂節:
1 斷捨離
2 通心粉
3 土豪金
4 都市Lonely Night
5 Can’t Stop

Starting off with his back to the crowd and getting into the zone, Delta T 蛋撻頭 gets the crowd waving their hands and moving about in their chairs to opener 斷捨離, It comes as no surprise that he’s a frequent collaborator with the prolific POK1吳保錡 and JNY, it shows he really knows how to hype the crowd as he increases his intensity at the end of the chill track, building up his stage presence so he can fully unleash it in his next song 通心粉, a song with attitude, Delta T goes hard on stage with callouts during the chorus for the audience to join in, his frantic energy lighting him up on stage, and catchy sing-a-long sections ribboned in between verses, ending with some nasty quips ending repetitions of “Beep! Shut up!”.

After cooling down, a new song 土豪金 is premiered on stage, with the same hardcore energy as the previous song but you can tell Delta T and his crew had a lot of fun writing as they go crazy with a multitude of animal sounds and the song ending with a nice long wet fart sound.

Coming to the end of the set is a more chill track 都市~LONELY NIGHT~ where Delta T invites his esteemed guest 楊雅餘(Uka Yueng) to sing her parts in this 80’s city pop inspired chill track. Delta T grooves along as the crowd is taken back into colonial era Hong Kong with twinkly synth leads glittering the song and dreamy vocal melodies. As he approaches the end of his set, he gives the crowd another chill song CAN’T STOP, with Uka Yueng shaking her hips on stage, the audience clapping rhythmically along, and Delta T putting in a nice flow when rapping in the verses. While the interlude of the song repeates the lines “I can’t stop thinking about you”, Uka Yueng gets the audience to wave along and Delta T hypes the crowd into a drop, eliciting a chill wave over the audience.

All in all, Delta T took us on a wild ride with his set, with intensity and attitude in the middle and getting the crowd chilled out and mellow at the end.
Sherman Leung

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