Dowa Towo

IMG_2210.jpg Live Review from Underground 118

1. Come In Come Out
2. Let it Roll
3. Forget Em All
4. Laugh Once Again
5. Gimme Gimme

The title of most mind-bending Hong Kong act is constantly in contention, but Dowa Towo playing at UG 118 may have temporarily won the rights with a trippy performance that was over in a flash. With a name abbreviated from “Don’t Want To Work”, the band belie their slacker moniker with a set of inventive and totally unique songs. The wailing lyrics and funky, Prince-style rhythms and guitars of Come In Come Out and Let It Roll introduced a melange of influences, including pop rock, jazz, funk and blues, while giving frontman Wilson Kit chance to show off his soulful, wailing vocal abilities. An unusual, shouty and shrill delivery characterised Forget Em All before the playful, upbeat ditty Laugh Once Again allowed drummer IvO to shine. Last song Gimme Gimme began with bassist Yuta’s bumpy intro, which underpinned introverted, Mineral-esque guitars and snare-heavy drumming. It was a fittingly fuzzy ’90s-inspired finish to an evening of bands that mined the best days of rock and roll past.

– El Jay

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Performances by Dowa Towo: